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41588. PCSO 7240 Craig Murray
On behalf of several members of the community, I wish to nominate PCSO Craig Murray for a WOW award. Craig regularly attends our Police and Communities Together meetings and fully participates in these meetings. He always seeks our opinions and listens to what we have to say. He always goes the extra mile and is available either in person or on the telephone. He provides visible reassurance to our community and we feel that he deserves recognition for his support to us.
Date: 15:11:38 31/03/14
41370. PCSO 7493 Katie Staincliffe
Katie staincliffe in my opinion deserves a promotion based on her outstanding conduct, with the public. She is honest, and a pleasure to talk to. Im just glad I dont see her based on a criminal offence, I suspect she would be more than fair. I came into contact with Katie when I had been assaulted. Two days later I had large bruises which had a foot print, frontal part of a shoe. Katie came out the next day, installed an alarm and gave me a fridge magnet. I was so surprised that the police provided that kind of support. I did not realise the police did that, which gave me a much higher respect for the police force as a whole. Whilst my offender wasnt caught, that casts nothing negative with the police in my case, but the after care, with the security/magnet, just "wow"d me. Basically to sum everything up, Katie staincliffe is a huge credit to your force, community minded, and if I ever find myself in a problem shes always the first person I ask for. PLEASE consider Katie for an award/promotion.
Date: 15:07:39 31/03/14
41425. PCSO 7040 Steven Larter
I wish to nominate PCSO Steve Larter for all the hard work he has shown working with the children and young people (and wider adult community) in Grange Villa. Through his dedication and commitment, Steve has been the catalyst for the "Junior Wardens" scheme, now supported by local Councillors, whereby young people from the village carry out litter patrols, report any litter or other environmental issues found and report day to day issues such as street lights not working. PCSO Larter was the real driver and inspiration behind this and without his dedication as a community minded Officer, this would never have happened. Since establishing the scheme, PCSO Larter has worked tirelessly to ensure its ongoing success, and has also arranged events such as a community football challenge, and has been instrumental in starting up a regular Youth Club in the Community Centre. It was further recognised by all stakeholders during Grange Villas recent Council Community Action Team eight week visit, that PCSO Larter is the common thread that ran through many of the successful events, programs and work undertaken with the local young people, and I have no hesitation in nominating him or a WOW Award, in the sincere hope that his hard work and genuine community minded dedication, is properly recognised
Date: 13:00:43 31/03/14
41436. PC 2487 Anthony Kelly
May I please nominate Anthony Kelly for the exceptional work he has offered to my client in the Blackhill area of Consett. PC Kelly has been a revolution in policing within his patch. He offered support to my client over a number of months exceeding far expectations. Brilliant work from this officer, total credit to the police force he represents.
Date: 12:56:20 31/03/14
41463. PCSO 6899 Mark Peacock
Mark is a valued member within our community providing support & help whenever needed. He has an exceptional way with the elderley. Mark has arranged for jet and Ben to come into our care home and visits when possible to speak with our residents; this makes them feel safe. The ladies all love a man in uniform so this makes their day, especially Mary who is in her 80s and always welcomes him with a cheer!
Date: 12:49:41 31/03/14
41494. Sgt 344 Warren Edwards
I would like to nominate and thank Sergeant Warren Edwards for his kindness and patience in bringing my very very drunk 14 year old grandson home. If it hadnt been for his intervention, I dont know what would have happened to as he was totally incapable of doing anything for himself. In my opinion he went the extra mile, making sure my grandson was home and safe, and stayed a little while to offer some advice and support. A big thank you.
Date: 12:37:28 31/03/14
41585. PC 2627 Scott Wilson
I would like to send this email to you re Scott Wilson and all his help in our matter this weekend. From the moment Scott came to the door he made my son Anthony and I feel at ease. We have been through a terrible year and a half with Anthony going from a very healthy young man to a severely disabled lad of 31 who has severe hypoxic brain injury and cannot walk. Anthony is going through a very acrimonious break up with his ex girlfriend and the stress on us both with all of this has been unbearable.Scott listened to everything we told him and we said we did not want to be responsible for Anthonys ex girlfriends arrest but we needed his mobility car back. Scott looked at every document we had and said he would discuss with his superiors if he could help in any way and he made us feel there was hope. He contacted us every step of the way to make sure we were ok and was so patient and nice with Anthony. He eventually with the help of a colleague brought Anthonys mobility car back to our delight, as he has been without it for a month now. I can only be honest and say that my faith in the police has waived a bit recently but Scott has single handedly renewed our faith in the force again and showed us there are a lot of good police officers out there. Anthony and I would like to personally thank yourself, Scott and all involved in the speedy resolve of our issue and cannot thank Scott enough for the stress it has relieved in both Anthony and myself as his mother and carer.Warmest regards.
Date: 12:32:45 31/03/14
41587. PC 1242 Sam Chong & Miss Rebecca Hardwick
On 27th March I was the victim of a hit and run incident. Although uninjured, I was extremely shocked and upset. PC Chong attended the scene and helped to calm me down. He provided reassurance advice and support to me which was invaluable.A witness and I were able to provide a partial number plate and Rebecca Hardwick helped to track the vehicle registration. From her work, the offender has now been located. I wish to express my thanks to PC Chong and Rebecca for their hard work.
Date: 12:02:00 31/03/14
41451. PC 2675 Simon Warriner and PC 2560 Colin Brown
I nominate the above mentioned Police Officers for their consideration, courtesy and care when attending my sisters home in Consett on Saturday, 8th March, 2014. I requested Police and Ambulances services when I could not gain access to the property and could see my sister on the floor of the living room. Both Officers were efficient in dealing with the situation and made very difficult circumstances much easier for me by their sympathetic approach towards my sister and myself.Please convey my sincere thanks to them for all their help and assistance; my sister remains in a serious condition in Durham Hospital.
Date: 11:49:52 31/03/14
41327. PC 2076 Daniel Reed & PC 2476 Michael Marr
In the early hours of 24th February, 2014, I was at my home when I felt really ill. Having diabetes and despite feeling terrible, I managed to dial 999 for an ambulance but unfortunately, they were unable to respond immediately. PC Reed and PC Marr had to force entry into my home by which time, I was in a very confused state. Both officers were very helpful and supportive at the time and visited me in hospital. They even went that one step further and arranged for my locks to be repaired. In essence, PC Reed and PC Marr saved my life and I would just like to say a very big thank you to them both.
Date: 14:26:20 28/02/14
41326. PC 2415 Mark Garfoot
Nomination submitted on behalf of member of the publics son who is a 15 yr old boy with autism and has been the victim of bullying for several years. He has a mentor at school and is a carer for his father and his mother who is in ill health too. Last week, he was on his way home from school and has been bullied to the point where two girls removed his head phones from him and broke them and after he swore at them to tell them to go away they followed him home kicking at him and threatening to kill his rabbits. He was extremely upset and frightened by the whole incident. PC Garfoot attended and spoke to him to establish what had happened and then spoke to the parents of the girls involved. PC Garfoot arranged to resolve this assault by restorative approach. After a visit to one of the parents they decided to visit the victim and his parents where they sat down and spoke about what had happened and the girl apologised for her behaviour. The other girl however was brought to the police station a couple of days later where a restorative approach meeting was facilitated by PC Garfoot. From the victim’s father he was very complimentary and praised PC Garfoot for the way he handled the young girl and dealt with her attitude. The girl’s mother gave an explanation of some of the issues in the family that may have contributed to her behaving in that manner and also apologised. The victims father was very complimentary of how PC Garfoot handled the meeting and the whole situation. I spoke to his father who said that he had only ever rang the police once before when his son had been bullied and he did not believe that that had resolved anything and he felt like he had been ‘fobbed off’ by the school for the last 5 years. After this meeting his son had gone to school and he appeared happier. His dad had not received any text messages, which he would normally have had regarding things that had happened at school. This meeting has given his son the confidence to go to school without being a victim of bullying. His father was so grateful for everything that has done so far and has asked if PC Garfoot could continue to work with them and the school. This intervention has been a great success and given a family confidence and reassurance to go about their day to day life.
Date: 14:26:07 28/02/14
41066. PC 2578 Steven Adey & PC 2593 Alan Freeman
I would like to nominate PC Adey & PC Freeman for a wow award as I feel they went above and beyond their duty whilst I was in their company. The officers treat me with respect and made me feel like a normal person rather than someone with Mental Health issues. PC Adey sat with me at hospital and even bought me a coffee as we waited from his own money.
Date: 08:56:17 28/02/14
41245. PC 2380 Alistair Rogowski
I was a victim of burglary in July 2013. Thanks to the assistance of local residents, a suspect was identified. After considerable police effort to gather evidence this person was charged along with 16 other crimes committed around that date but unfortunately the Crown Prosecution Service decided that only mine had strong enough evidence to proceed with criminal prosecution. PC Alastair Rogowski and his colleagues worked diligently to ensure that the process was correct and the evidence collected and presented was water tight so that finally, shortly before his rescheduled appearance in court and with little likelihood to escape a guilty verdict, this criminal confessed to his guilt. For someone unfamiliar with the criminal justice system it seems to move very slowly and in a somewhat peculiar way. However, Alastair Rogowski in an exemplary way has over the past 7+ months kept in touch by phone or email to update me on developments with the case and he has also helped me better understand how the judicial process works. This experience has given me a greater appreciation of the amount of work required and how compelling the evidence the police gather is required to be in our judicial system where there is always a presumption of innocence for every crime. No hour long TV drama really gets across the time and effort that sometimes can be involved to secure a conviction. Through the persistence he demonstrated in pursuing the case and the excellent way Alastair Rogowski kept me informed about my case I feel far more reassured as to the calibre of work Durham Constabularys officers can undertake on our behalf. My only dissatisfaction from this experience was learning through the court process that this criminal, despite still only being in his twenties had previously been found guilty for more than 100 similar offences!! This individual evidently believes crime is worth pursuing when he weighs up the possible cost of any likely punishment, whether a custodial sentence or not, should he get caught against what can be gained from stealing from others ... but that is not something the police control.
Date: 16:34:48 27/02/14
41202. PCSO 7564 Michael Hutchinson
Since joining this area as a positive action young man Michael has gained the respect of the young people. A daunting task for a newcomer. His total dedication and perseverance has gained him support from local residents. Drugs, underage drinking and off road bikes have made him be a figure in the community not to be underestimated by the wrong doers. Micheal follows all leads given to him by members of the Community Most of them with a fruitful outcome. Nothing is too great a task for him and he seems to thrive on sucessful outcome often going beyond the call off duty to fulfil an outcome. At all meetings he attends he gives out information that is needed making residents feel that they are important and he has a quiet manner that he uses to calm the most irate resident that he meets never raising his voice but being firm and understanding. One thing Micheal does is to feed back non classified information and update particulary to myself as I work closely with him in my Community. Micheal is an asset to the Police Force a dedicated asset to the Community. We have had many changes with our PCSOS and Micheal was "Tossed in at the deep end" into a very volatile area but he has calmed things down, turned things round and PLEASE LONG MAY HE REMAIN IN THIS AREA we need his positive attitude and dedication. Thank you.
Date: 16:21:32 27/02/14
41191. PCSO 7040 Steven Larter
PCSO Steve Larter deserves a medal all day long for his work with the children and residents of grange villa. He has brought about a massive change in the village with the Pact and junior pact he set up and is earning respect from all involved especially the children. He is what every village needs - a local officer who cares, knows whos who and what is going on. He is always happy and willing to listen to concerns of residents and importantly the children.
Date: 16:16:00 27/02/14
41063. PC 1611 Catherine Eames
I would like to nominate Catherine Eames as we found my uncle dead on sat 25th jan who I was very close to. It was Catherine who came out to his house while waiting for the paramedic with us. I would just like to say the the reason I have nominated her as she went beyond her call of duty with us she was very sympathetic towards us and very friendly but professional as well within her role. She could not do enough for us knowing how upset and shocked we were she let us do everything in our own time and never pushed us to talk about details of my uncle. If there was more people like her in this world then when things like this happens more people would be able to deal with a shock like we did well done and thank you Catherine.
Date: 15:47:19 27/02/14
41035. PC 542 Fiona Gibson
I would like to submit PC 0542 Fiona Gibson for a WOW award please. This officer worked in partnership with myself (Durham Council) and other partners to address the neighbourhood blight of dog fouling issues in the Consett locality. The initiative was so successful that the project is now being rolled out into other areas of Durham, where the Officer has received praise from her Superintendent. I would personally like to nominate Ms Gibson for the following reasons:- a) She is an absolute pleasure to work with and always on hand to give advice/a presence when required b) Ms Gibson volunteered to take the lead on the project, chasing up any outstanding actions and progressing the initiative c) She attended every public event and was on hand when the media arrived to provide statements/updates about the project d) She has involved multiple partnership working including the probation service to assist with clearing duties e) I understand that the Police are now utilising any offenders with a restorative justice approach to collect dog foul as part of their penance f) Residents are now taking the lead and clearing any existing dog foul themselves. Ms Gibson has created better community cohesion with cleaner streets g) Other projects have been developed by partners as a result of this initiative i.e dog chipping sessions which provided more publicity and free dog micro chipping sessions for residentsI hope this is sufficient to gain her some recognition. Thanks
Date: 14:52:37 26/02/14
41048. PC1502 Damien Stevens and PC1374 Anthony Burgess
Wish to nominate the above officers and their collegues who assisted with an eviction which took place on 29/01/14 in Willington, Co.Durham. They were very professional and helpful through out the eviction. I believe they all need a pat on the back for the way they conducted themselves and carried out their duties.
Date: 14:45:52 26/02/14
41020. PC 2475 Mark Pheasant
I would like to nominate PC Mark Pheasant for the support and care he has provided to me. I suffer from mental health problems and PC Pheasant is always kind and considerate when he deals with me when I need assistance.
Date: 13:04:22 31/01/14
41012. PC 112 Peter Giblin & PC 134 Gordon Brown
Just a quick thank you to two police officers involved in sorting out a relatively minor issue helping my 95 year old father who has been subjected to boiler-room scams. I e-mailed a request to contact a Community Police officer and within 5 minutes of sending the e-mail PC 112 Peter Giblin of the Incident Support Centre rang and listened to my issue, gave some really good advice and made arrangements for an officer to meet with me the following day. He was great, very professional and it was such a relief to share the problem with someone prepared to listen. The next day PC 134 Gordon Brown came to see me and went with me to meet with my father. He has excellent inter-personal skills and gave advice and support and overall re-assurance to both my father and me. He really is a great guy. He was extremely patient with my dad and helped us a great deal.
Date: 11:23:56 31/01/14
41009. Sgt 1487 Ian Morrison & PC 2319 Gail Graham
On 26th December, 2013, my 96 year old father-in-laws (a former police officer) car caught fire on his way to meet us at Christmas. Sgt Morrison and PC Graham responded to the call, put out the fire and rang the AA on his behalf. Both officers went that extra mile to ensure that he was properly looked after following the incident even transporting him through to his family in Darlington rather than taking him back to his home address in Durham. Thank you again.
Date: 12:42:06 30/01/14
40991. PC 2487 Anthony Kelly
Submitted on behalf of Mrs Spraggon at her request). I am a 91 year old lady who lives on my own in Lanchester. On the 28/01/2014 I reported to PC Kelly the theft of my stone planter and plants from my front garden. This item was sentimental to me as it was a gift from a very dear friend. PC Kelly was so lovely when he spoke with me and provided me with a great deal of reassurance. After he took the report he visited a local garden centre and explained to the owner about my crime. The Garden Centre donated a lovely stone planter containing plants to replace the one that had been stolen. I cannot thank PC Kelly enough for his time, professionalism and kind thought and thankyou to the garden centre for their kind donation.
Date: 12:18:06 30/01/14
40940. PCSO 7483 Hanna Sattar
Hanna is our local PCSO who has helped us deal with anti social behaviour within our village. She is professional, efficient and caring and goes that one step further too, in that she even came to visit us on Thursday 23rd of Jan.2014 to see how things were going. She definitely has the WOW factor and has made a difference to our lives here in Nettlesworth.
Date: 12:03:56 30/01/14
40933. PCSO 6899 Mark Peacock and PCSO 6326 Ian Feldon
I would like to nominate Mark and Ian for the WoW award for their hard work and dedication to our school. They work diligantly as part of our school and all the children and staff know them by their first names. They take part in assemblies giving information to children, and give individual class support to teachers and students. We have had significant parking problems and they have helped to alleviate these ongoing problems. Contiunuing to visit the school on regular occasion always a freindly face. Keep up the good work Ian and Mark.
Date: 12:00:03 30/01/14
40931. PC 2593 Alan Freeman & PC 2578 Steven Adey
I would like to nominate the above officers as they went above and beyond their duties for me today. They took me to Lanchester Road and stayed with me while I was waiting to be assesed. They bought me a coffee out of their own money and talked to me and made me feel better as I was feeling mentally unwell. They even waited for me and took me all the way home afterwards when they could have been out catching criminals. They need recognition for their good work as they are very good officers. I am a vulnerable adult and consett police always look out for me and make sure that I am not being taken advantage of or be led astray.
Date: 11:55:02 30/01/14
40882. PC 2013 John Forster,PCSO 7008 Rachael Small, PCSO 7093 David Gibson, Sgt 1301 Daryl Edmunds
I am prompted to make this nomination in the light of the excellent service I received immediately following the report of the burglary and the period afterwards as follow up from the North Road Beat Team. Naturally following the burglary I was somewhat distraught and anxious living in fear that these burglars may return. However the team provided me with advice and reassurance during this difficult time where I received frequent back up visits on a regular basis for several days after the event. I must say that this back up service that I received relieved the many anxieties I had and all your officers discharged their duties in a professional manner and went the extra mile. In the past there has been criticism of the system where the perpetrators of crime receive an undue amount of resources when compared to victims of crime so I was somewhat pleasantly surprised to receive this level of support. Clearly Durham Constabulary has done something about ensuring that victims of crime have a rightful claim on what I would think are scarce resources within the police force. I do feel all the officers involved deserve some special recognition for a job well done and please pass on my sincere thanks to all concerned.
Date: 11:50:21 30/01/14
40851. PC 2507 Russell Booth
My nomination goes to PC Russ Booth because when my dad went missing he was the one who help us find him and without him we wouldnt have found him. He is one of the nicest people I ever met not only did he help us find him but he also looked after me and my family. There were times when my mam, brother and auntie couldnt cope and he would always be there to see if we were okay and offer help to us. I was known as the one to look after people during the time that my dad was missing but sometimes I couldnt cope and he was there for me. I appreciate his help so much and could not thank him enough!
Date: 11:41:49 30/01/14
40813. PCSO 6055 Debra Robson
I just wanted to praise one of your Officers who has played a crucial role in combatting issues in Esh Winning. PCSO Debra Robson first brought matters to partners attention and requested that a TLP (Time Limted Project) be set up in May 2013. Approval was gained through partners. Debra was in attendance and chaired every TLP meeting as well as being present at every community event to provide updates and take the lead on every initiative (i.e Y-IAM day)TLP Success includes •30 plus youths were originally spoken to and warned about their behaviour in Esh Winning. Police and partners worked closely with some youths and families to encourage positive behaviour. There has been no re-offending by the youths in question who have also represented the community at partner meetings to voice their views on what they would like to happen in their communities. Initially low level ASB but escalating behaviour •Some Traff 183’s have been issued in response to complaints about vehicle nuisance. •Police and partners identified issues on the estate as recent spike in ASB and as a result this was addressed through partnership working / PACTS/ Cross border partnership work with Durham City Homes/ D Homes / Council/ Wardens/ Isos Housing / DISC youth group and YMCA •Y – I am day – Huge success with the whole community engaging in partnership activities. This is to be followed up with coffee mornings/drop ins etc to maintain momentum (Climbing wall/Zorb ball Jet and Ben/Kickz football project) •Football project – Organised by Durham City Homes and Durham Council. An average of over 20 plus youths attended these sporting sessions and were keen to engage. These sessions are ongoing due to funding being sourced from Durham Council and involved any sporting activity that the young person was willing to participate. •Youths – Partners worked closely with youths themselves and perceptions were identified and generation barriers broke down to identify a lack of young people services in the community. Hence five a side/Y I AM / Skate ramp/ Youth activities/Youth shelter •Due to the investment into the community by partners this has seen an increased improvement in community engagement / co-operation and a reduction of issues. • 2 further NHW schemes have been set up as a result of community engagement •Improved cctv in the locality •Young people are now attending PACT meets with a notable increase in attendees who are engaging with Police and reporting their concerns •The young people have drafted a portfolio with a view to raising their own funds for community projects • Support is ongoing especially work in schools. Families with greater needs are receiving FIP support and help •ASB team provided additional support Every time that I have worked with PCSO Robson, she has always performed above and beyond what was required of her role to ensure that any problems have been addressed. Debra is an absolute credit to partnership working and always a pleasure to work with. I wish to nominate her for a “WOW” award if possible
Date: 11:28:22 30/01/14
40795. PC 2487 Anthony Kelly
I would like to nominate PC Kelly for his dedication and commitment to a vulnerable male in Derwentside. PC Kelly works profesionally and utilises the professional services of relevant agencies to ensure this individual person was supported before and throughout the christmas period. PC Kelly continues to support/advise this individual to maintain all aspects of independent living including health and wellbing. Ultimately PC Kelly has gone way beyond the "call of duty".
Date: 11:13:09 30/01/14
40735. Mrs Julie Ritson
Id like to nominate Julie for this due to me having a very stressfuk time waiting for my delayed DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) check to be finalised. Although my DBS was not held at Durham Julie gave me lots of useful advice and reassurance and when things werent progressing, she called around to find out where my DBS was being held and requested that it be prioritised. It was then processed within the hour. This has saved me hours of worrying and potential loss of earnings, so a huge thank you again!
Date: 11:01:39 30/01/14
40724. DC 2170 Peter Lonsdale & PC 735 Bridget Westerman
Nomination submitted on behalf of member of the public.Letter received from offender expressing his thanks to Peter Lonsdale and Bridget Westerman for their good treatment and understanding ways. In his words I am glad you two dealt with me as you were very nice Police officers. I hope you will continue to support help me because I really dont want to offend again. I want to get a good career in chefing and get a nice decent house. It was a privilege to meet officers as yourselves and hopefully we can meet again in a different manner. I hope court goes well for myself and life will be able to get better from here. Please help me though, it would really be appreciated.Yous deserve the WOW award. Thank you for dealing with me so well and your ways are very good.Thank you so much.
Date: 10:45:18 30/01/14
40725. PC 2411 Simon Morris
Submitted on behalf of friend.I would like to nominate PC Simon Morris for an award for the exceptional level of customer service and compassion he showed towards my friend. On Christmas Eve my friends husband died of a heart attack and PC Morris dealt with her at Darlington Memorial Hospital after the death of her husband. I contacted PC Morris to thank him personally for looking after her in such a kind and thoughtful manner in what was a dreadful time for her. He replied back to me and I passed on his reply to my friend who found this very comforting. She asked me to let him know that how he dealt with her and the situation was perfect and that he was more than just a police officer he was a true gentleman and he should keep doing what he is doing. I feel that without this level of support provided by PC Morris then my friend would have struggled more with this awful situation and feel that his compassion and sympathy meant a great deal to her.
Date: 10:55:36 31/12/13
40675. Sgt 2246 Martin Wilson, PC 1919 Ross Good, PC 2071 Jason Pool, PC 2716 Thomas Teague, PC 2255 Stuart Simpson & PC 2705 Thomas McFall
Melanie Stewart has rang into Comms to pass on her thanks to the above officers for their bravery and professionalism during a recent incident. Melanie states that the officers were confronted with a male in severe pain after breaking his leg who was severely autistic and unable to understand the situation so as a result was extremely agitated. Melanie states that these officers dealth with the male with the urgency and compassion he deserved. If it wasnt for the quick thinking and positive approach of the officers the man would have lost his leg. He is currently recovering and is on the mend. Melanie and the staff are very grateful for all the help they received.
Date: 10:43:33 31/12/13
40662. PC 2161 Lee Finlay
I would like to recommend this officer PC Lee Finlay for a wow award as his service given to us on the sudden death of my Aunt, he forced entry to her home, replaced the lock & was an absolute star !! The compassion & help he gave my mother on finding her sister deceased was above & beyond his duties as an officer , so Id like to give Officer 2161 Lee Finlay a huge thank you for his care , compassion & help,officers like him restore the publics faith in the police force !!
Date: 10:27:58 31/12/13
40643. PC 2052 Shaun Nicholson and oscar the dog
PC 1799 Lee Jackson has been carrying out licencing patrols and working to develop improved practice and licence support for some time. PC 2052 Shaun Nicholson of the dog support unit has worked closely with the relief for just under a year now. PC Nicholoson has helped develop improved techniques working with response officers and has shown myself and the community commitment to supporting licencee’s and public safety. After initaily requesting support for a dog patrol 12 months ago, I have seen a dramatic change in my community. PC Nicholoson and his trusty companion police dog Oscar have worked endlessly to train response officers in body scanning tactics and putting the community at ease. Whenever the two visit my premises they are a delight, engaging endlessly with my team and the clientel. They always take the time to have a chat with customers, explaining why they are here and what they hope to do for Consett and the community. The duo have become local characters in the area and have become a positive deterent. In my opion PC Nicholson & Police Dog Oscar deserve a WOW award for the exceptional service they have provided to myself and the community.
Date: 10:21:35 31/12/13
40589. PC 2564 James Edwards & PC 1445 Harry Marsh
On 13th December 2013, a lady by the name of Linda Carter (65yrs) of Barnard Castle, phoned the office stating that a few months ago she suffered a massive heart attack whilst at home alone. Although she managed to telephone an ambulance, she actually collapsed whilst making the call, obviously making this a time critical emergency. Ambulance staff alerted police that they would not get to this address quickly and requested prompt action from local officers. Two police officers immediately attended; Jim Edwards and Harry Marsh. Linda is in no doubt that if it wasn’t for the prompt, effective and professional manner in which they dealt with the incident she would not be alive today. Seconds after arriving on scene, they managed to enter the house and quickly took control. Linda was by now unconscious and had indeed suffered a heart attack. They both quickly assessed the situation and without hesitation commenced CPR continuing until paramedics arrived on scene. Thanks to the two officers Linda is making a good recovery and looking forward to Christmas. Linda just wanted to thank both officers and says she will be forever grateful and appreciative of them both.
Date: 09:52:17 31/12/13
40557. PC 194 Anthony Richmond & PC 2058 Iain Nelson
Letter of thanks received for going that extra mile with a motorist whilst conducting mass screening for drink drivers:-Dear sir This morning I got stopped for a routine breath test by 2 police motorcyclists. I would like to thank them for pointing out to me that i was sitting far to close to the steering wheel and how dangerous this was. The police officers kindly offered to adjust the steering wheel position for me as I didnt know how to do it. I must admit It felt like a much more comfortable driving position and I didnt have a stiff neck at the end of my shift. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Vivien Chirnside
Date: 09:35:02 31/12/13
40545. PCSO 6543Cheryl Watson & PCSO 6429 Mark Greener.
These officers rescued me when my wheel dropped off on asda roundabout and calmed me down when I was displaying major histrionics. They made me laugh and kept me warm & didnt even mind missing their lunch break to stay with me even though they were starving hungry. The best thing of all is theyve totally changed my whole opinion on the boys & girls in blue. They are absolute super stars.
Date: 09:29:49 31/12/13
40541. PC 197 Alistair Henry, PCSO 6884 Theresa Moore & PCSO 7515 Carl Blenkinsop
Since June 2013 till 6th December 2013 we have had problems with two separate households where we live. Eventualy the team have been able to get rid of them,if the WOW people look at the records they will know what we have had to put up with.I would also like to include PC Alister Henry and PCSO Tess Moore for this award as all three of these chaps! have been the constant attending officers.
Date: 09:21:54 31/12/13
40535. PCSO 7425 Victoria Ord & Sgt 993 David Clarke
A lot of people never hear the other side of policing. I would like to share with you, my experience. I am a community volunteer and also a Nieghbourhood Watch member. Pc Viki Ord is always on hand with advice and also sends other information which may be useful to people or community groups such as ideas or links that may inspire people as well as crime prevention. Because of one of her links, it inspired me to create a Royal Garden. Back in April (24th) 2013 this Royal Garden was official opened up by HRH Prince Phillip. On the day many officers from her team and consett police were on operational duty.Sgt Dave Clark and his team is based at South Moor Police Station, his team recently worked with two schools to spruce up the outside grounds of the police station, adding color and forming relationships with the younger generation and wider community. After the children were finished planting the police provided treats and soft drinks and a little gift. The fact that the youngsters and the police braved the cold as the planting was carried out November 15th 2013, in which their photo was taken and reported by the Northern Echo showed a positive way of Policing and community involvementIt is for this reason I nominate these two officers, for their outstanding commitment to the communities they serve.
Date: 09:11:42 31/12/13
40514. PC 2506 Lisa Saul
Lisa recently dealt with an assault with two juveniles. The ip suffered a swollen nose and a cut to the top lip. As it happens the mother of the IP was a serving officer from another force.The IPs mother wrote a very nice letter of appreciation via her supervision. This letter has been read by senior officers from both forces. It makes comment on the profesional and sympathetic way in which she dealt with her son.Attributes of Lisa that I am well aware of. Lisa always in my opinion goes that one step further in her duties and I feel that she is a valid candidate for a WOW awrd.
Date: 09:00:36 31/12/13
40503. PC 1445 Harry Marsh
PC Marsh is a very approachable, intelligent officer who has been a tremendous support to us with recent issues associated with our daughter and granddaughter. Constable Marsh (and the whole of the Barnard Castle Force) have always made time for us despite having some recent labour intensive investigations that have been very time consuming for a resource restricted force. We cant praise PC Marsh and his colleagues enough.
Date: 08:57:34 31/12/13
40295. PCSO 7355 Andrew Cusick
I would like to nominate Andrew Cusick for the help and assistance he gives our community which is above and beyond his role in an area overtaken with crime and drugs. He is passionate about the people and the area even in such a difficult policing time in Darlington with deaths of very young persons to investigate we can contact him and he will help with our concerns and is a brilliant pact officer from the young to the old we all know Andy and know he is doing his best for us
Date: 11:19:19 29/11/13
40289. PCSO 6326 Ian Feldon & PCSO 6899 Mark Peacock
I would like to nominate Ian and Mark for the help and advice they have given me on previous anti -social behaviour. I feel reassured and confident that they will give help and support if needed in the future .I now think of Ian and Mark as friends, not just someone in a uniform. Good luck to them both on this nomination, they deserve it.
Date: 11:15:46 29/11/13
40263. PCSO 7095 Brian Donnelly
On behalf of my aunt, Mrs Wilma Jordan, I would like to nominate PCSO Brian Donnelly for a WOW award. My aunts dog went missing from her home address several weeks ago. This has been a particularly upsettiing time for her and PCSO Donnelly has gone out of his way to help my aunt; providing updates and support and has been a great comfort to her. Sadly the dog was found dead and PCSO Donnelly ensured that he delivered the sad message to my aunt. This helped to make a distressing time less harrowing for my aunt. Thank you for the care and support given to my aunt.
Date: 11:13:15 29/11/13
40043. DC 1162 Ian Banham
DC Banham got involved in a burglary, which happened at my home on 10th May, 2013. The cleaner who was employed for my mum, who is partially disabled, stole £1,300 over a period of time, plus a mobile phone and several pieces of jewelry. He went to the cleaners employer, to find where she lived, arrested her and found some of the stolen money still on her person on the 11th of May when he came back on duty. If he had not got involved and dedicated himself to finding the cleaner and arresting her, then I could not have proved that she stole the money and she may well have been free to steal from other vunerable people. My mum will not have another cleaner now and it has and did affect her greatly.
Date: 11:10:41 29/11/13
40033. PCSO 6642 Christine O Brien
I Have dealt with Chris for a few months she is so professional always does the best of her ability. I was going to be made homeless and she contacted landlords on my behalf. I call that going beyond her job so I would like her to be nominated.
Date: 11:04:41 29/11/13
40026. PC 735 Bridget Westerman
My company recently suffered a diesel theft from one of our vehicles. On the 29/10/2013 PC Westerman attended our site. On arrival she asked for as much detail as we could give her. She then thoroughly searched the area where the incident took place (which was like a swamp)checking fences,exits etc. Our on site security had to say the least been poor and off her own back PC Westerman spoke to our security on our behalf about the weaknesses and proceeded to organise a meeting between ourselves, the security company and the police to iron out the problems. I thought this was the end of her involvement but the following day she returned with a bottle of dye to put into our diesel tank which would identify our diesel should anybody be caught with it. I decided to contact you as I feel that the officer went above and beyond the level of service I was expecting and deserved recognition for it.
Date: 10:56:07 29/11/13
40020. PCSO 6047 Sam Stephenson
I am the housing officer for Spennymoor with Home Group. Part of my role is to work in partnership with local agencies & the Police. Ever since I introduced myself to Sam she has been nothing but professional & helpful. Working along side her to make my estates a better place for my customers to live. She has always been a great support , working along side my ASB team also. Sam is an asset to the constabulary & I think she should receive some recognition
Date: 10:50:20 29/11/13
39791. DC 381 Richard Klein, DC 2427 Antony Kent, PC 1833 Geoffrey Moore & CSI 5962 Kevin Askew
I have already emailed my thanks and commendations but thought Id support this with a WOW Award nomination. The officers involved (DC Klein, DC Kent, PC Moore and the CSI Askew were excellent in every respect (communication, supportive manner, care and concern, consummate professionalism). They are an absolute credit to the force.
Date: 12:23:10 30/10/13
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