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37374. PC 2396 Paul Cooper
Praise for PC Cooper; I write not about the minor crime of burglary to my garage in Middleton St George, but more so about the response of the police. From reporting the crime, I received an immediate response from two officers, who were professionals, courteous, informative and undertook immediate inquiry around the street. The main let down was that I had not marked my property, hindering matters. Next followed a visit from a Community Support Officer who gave positive advice about crime prevention e.g. file down screws in my garage door and drilling holes in the main door to fix bolts and/or screw drivers into to help prevent the door being opened from the outside. As a victim of crime, I was given regular telephone updates that I shared with neighbours who are concerned and fearful of crime to let them know the police were actively protecting the community. I also shared this information with members of the local cricket and bowling club who were concerned about increased crime levels in Middleton St George. I was impressed with PC Cooper who travelled to my place of work in Thornaby to allow me to verify on of bikes that were stolen from me and to make a swift statement of evidence. The whole process kept me inclusive of PC Coopers work, and as a victim of crime it is very reassuring to know what is going on, and as I stated shared with my neighbours. I therefore nominate PC Cooper for his ability to work effectively with the public in promoting positive policing.
Date: 12:20:34 29/08/13
37337. Sgt 2250 Paul Colman, PC 1790 Peter Hall, PC 2404 Paul Tingle & Debbie Motherdale
On 19th April 2013 Roy Dawson was on his way home with his elderley wife after an evening out. As they drove past three teenagers, one of the girls attacked his car and then went on to assault him. This was a very traumatic experience for Roy and his wife. PC Peter Hall & Sgt Paul Colman responded to the request for service. They attended the home address of Roy and his wife and quickly established the level of injury; completed a street ID; arrested the offender and then made the appropriate refferals to partners to support Roy and his wife. The investigation was quickly passed to the priority crime team, where upon PC Paul Tingle interviewed the offender and subsequently ensured she was appropriately charged and brought to justice. Victim Support, in particualar, Debbie Motherdale played a key role in Supporting Roy through the prosecution process and ensuring he recovered from his ordeal as quickly as possible (eg) recovering compensation for his glasses which were damaged during the assault. Roy has stated the actions of all three officers and the caring/supporting role of Debbie has allowed him to recover from an ordeal without lasting effects and he cannot thank them enough. He has stated that although the arrest/charging of the offender was important to him, he was simply amazed by the amount of time all three officers spent working together to keep him informed on the investigation, even walking past his home and taking the time to speak with him after court case was over. He feels his confidence in the local police has gone up ten fold and he is now able to walk into his home without having to lock his door behind him! Having reviewed this investigation I can only support the comments made by Roy. This is an excellent example of what a quality victim focused investigation should look like and is an example to us all i.e. quick response, prioritise the victims needs, keep them informed and take the time to speak with the victim/public even after the event. An excellent investigation which is to be subject of a police training DVD.
Date: 12:02:54 29/08/13
37104. Insp 1501 Dave Stewart, Sgt 55 Denise Riley, PC 2593 Alan Freeman, PC 1870 Lynsay Meikle, PC 2622 Philip Carter, PC 2699 Terry Archbold, PC 2363 Trac
On the evening of 25th July 2013 we found a mortar bomb in some army equipment given to us by our neighbour. Following a telephone call to police for advice the above officers attended our home and subsequently had to evacuate the families in our street to a safe distance from the bomb. We waited approx four hours until the catterick bomb squad attended. From the outset all officers were friendly and courteous to all residents. They were clear in their plans and kept residents informed at all times. The officers went out of their way to ensure that residents were catered for offering transport if needed and providing blankets to keep residents warm. We were particularly moved by the officers compassionate care to our children, keeping them warm and occupied whilst dealing with the incident in a calm and organised manner. Their attitude to us was exemplary and they are all a credit to the force. We would like to express our gratitude to all of the officers involved and in addition to acting Sgt Miley who followed up the incident today.(26/7/2013)
Date: 10:07:56 31/07/13
36396. Cassie WILSON, Krzysztof KUPNIEWICZ, Tomasz FLODRO, Dorota LULEK , Marek KUPNIEWICZ
These five persons have set up and are running English lessons for the Polish Community. All of them are attending every Thursday at 19:00 oclock and they are helping with about 20 people at least on each occasion. Dorota LULEK is the teacher and she is always ready to help and is very well prepared for all lessons. They all are doing this for free and in their own time and are all very enthusiastic about this project. Also all of them helping with the Polish Police And Communities Together meetings and they deserve recogintion for their hard work for Durham Constabulary.
Date: 12:35:07 29/07/13
37147. Marie Garfoot
I am the landlord of a property on Backstone Burn, which is a lovely street with great neighbours and families living there. Our recent tenants had been causing some real antisocial problems. While to many outsiders these issues may appear small, to those in close proximity, it can be devastating to quality of daily life. Marie has been managing this on-going case with exceptional skill; incredibly diligent levels of communication to all parties (ourselves as landlords, neighbours who raised the complaints, and even the environmental health department to advise us about refuse removal); management of the various authorities involved (requesting additional beats, liaising and visiting with the ASB officer) and such attention to detail that it rivalled any detective! The service Marie provided was of such outstanding quality that she is completely responsible for ensuring a good result all round. The tenants were left in no doubt that everyone had united to ensure their behaviour would not be tolerated - and so they freely decided to move out quickly and without conflict. I also think that her steadfastness and efforts to work with the tenants made them learn important lesson too. In the wider police force this may seem like a very small case, however, the amount of people this could have effected is quite shocking - if I have to talk about value for money, then Maries handling of this case has refunded to us much of the tax we have very willingly paid in the past! Thank you very much, I do so hope that this type of service, so crucial to the community, is retained for the long term for other needy locals and recognised for its far-reaching contribution. The level of intelligence and thoughtfulness shown by Marie was inspiring, I have never received customer service like it (and certainly never bothered to feed back about it before), well done Consett Police and most particularly, PCSO Marie Garfoot who has represented her force with the very highest levels of personal and professional conduct.
Date: 12:24:58 29/07/13
36958. PC 1338 Dave Taylor
Mrs CYNTHIA CONNELLY reported that an item had been stolen from her rear garden. Dave attended the address as required and conducted a thorough investigation. Mrs Connelly is quite elderly and it became apparent during the time that Dave was there that a security light in the garden wasnt working, Dave examined it and found that the bulb had blown, but had to leave as the incident had been graded as a Diary job and he had to get to the next appointment within the hour. PC TAYLOR then returned to the address the following day when he was off duty and having purchased a bulb fixed the light. I conducted a ring back following the incident and Mrs CONNELLY was delighted with what Dave had done and had been telling her neighbours all about it. She requested that Dave be put forward for some sort of recognition as hed gone above and beyond what was required. I explained the WOW award system and submit this on CYNTHIAS behalf.
Date: 16:25:02 23/07/13
36938. PC Robin McGurk
I would like to nominate PC McGurk for helping me on the 18th July with regards to an incident that happened to my car. Another driver caused damage to my vehicle and left the scene without leaving any details. Fortunately there was a witness but details were vague, however it happened outside of our sons school (Nettlesworth) so we had a small idea who it may have been. With very little to go on PC McGurk managed to solve the issue within a few hours. I was very impressed to say the least as I genuinely didnt think the issue would be resolved, he was polite, punctual, thorough and a pleasure to meet! I would like his good work to be recognised and thus would like to nominate him for a WOW award. Many, many thanks, Emma Capes
Date: 15:30:37 23/07/13
36871. PC 2642 Darren Rogers
PC Darren Rogers recently attended an attempted burglary at Wear Road Community House, Stanley, a charity run organisation. Following the incident, he was very pro-active in his efforts to trace the offenders. In addition, he went that one step further he used the tool kit available to him to fit new fixings to the exterior window grilles to make sure the premises were secure. I feel that he went over and above and provided reassurance and also gave crime prevention advice to assist in preventing similar incidents in the future. Thank you very much Darren.
Date: 10:09:34 19/07/13
36872. PCSO 7405 Steven Atherton
On 29th May, 2013, a PACT meeting was held at Tanfield. PCSO Atherton arrived in due time but imagine our surprise when we found out that he had walked from Catchgate Police Office to Tanfield village due to the unavailability of transport. The weather consisted of heavy rain and strong winds and we can only say that he showed total dedication to the people in this area. He was rewarded for his efforts by seeing that despite the weather, a large number of people had attended the meeting as the numbers are usually quite low. PCSO Atherton applied himself confidently and was very supportive to our concerns. We feel that he went over and above on this occasion and would like to see him rewarded for his actions. Thank you.
Date: 11:56:57 18/07/13
36838. PCSO 6358 Jean Fletcher & PCSO 6498 Leesa Bennison
I would like to nominate Jean Fletcher & Leesa Bennison for their efforts in supporting the Citys Shop Watch group. Both ladies have shown positive enthusiasm in their approach to the Citys businesses, which in turn has engaged dormant members & new members to attend the monthly Shop Watch meetings, increasing numbers from 81 to 97 & attendance numbers from sometimes as little as 3 to 21 at the last meeting. Their contribution to the City can on occasion take them to attending meetings outside of their working hours, which shows both are prepared to go over & above what is expected of them, but they do this with such pride in their position & awareness of the importance of their role within the City. They are both Great Ambassadors for Durham Constabulary. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my appreciation for both ladies for their outstanding customer service.
Date: 11:07:50 18/07/13
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