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38736. PCSO 6899 Mark Peacock, PCSO 6326 Ian Feldon & PC 760 Victoria Coxon
I work for Stonham homeless unit in Bishop Auckland at General Bucher Court. We often have problems with the local residents not understanding our clients. PCSO Mark Peacock, PCSO Ian Feldon and PC Vicky Coxon are always there to defend our clients. Ok, theyre not always as innocent as theyd like us to believe, but when we know for a fact that they are, they still get the blame yet our 3 heroes always explain to the local residents and smooth things over for us. Our 3 heroes even came to our Volunteers Day and helped clear litter, paint walls and create beautiful baskets in the garden. Im always WOWWED by our 3 heroes.
Date: 15:04:30 29/08/13
38706. PCSO 5557 Stewart Jubb
I would like to nominate PCSO Jubb for a WOW award. He has been attending Darlington Memorial Hospital for a significant amount of time assisting the security staff in maintaining security within the hospital and grounds. Since Stewart Jubb has become the PCSO for the Hospital the figures for Police response has dropped from over 50-60 a month to under 30, ensuring Police resources are directed to other areas/incidents within Darlington. PCSO Jubb has made a big impact on staff since being here, they feel more safe and have a lot more confidence in the Police due to his dedicated approach and enthusiasm to ensure the safety and protection of staff, public and patients. As the Trust Security Manager I receive many reports from staff about the work Stewart does and how this makes them feel. I know personally how dedicated he is to ensuring that everyone is as safe as possible. Stewart actively walks around all the wards and departments which makes a huge impact on the public perception of Policing in the Trust and local area. Stewart has prevented many violent incidents occurring which may have needed a larger Police response later if it were not dealt with at the time and can talk to patients and public to prevent these incidents occurring in the first place. His preventative methods are exceptional and staff are reassured when he comes on duty at the Hospital. Stewart has made a big impact on Trust violence and aggression incidents investigation of thefts and criminal activity, staff consider him a valued member of the team and one they would encourage Durham Constabulary to maintain within the Hospital and expand into the other main Hospital site at Durham. He represents Durham Constabulary on a number of meetings within the Hospital and has a valued contribution to the Security strategy within the Hospital
Date: 14:59:24 29/08/13
38701. PCSO 6907 Andrew Gilhooley and PC 2223 Terence Hill
After being plagued with anti social behaviour, fly tipping, gangs of yobs heavily drinking and open drug dealing for the last 18 months in my own local area, the officers over the last 3 weeks has greatly reduced the number of incidents of criminality. Drug dealing is now not on veiw as before and the regular arrival of the police has dispersed the gangs, particulary at night when there were heavy periods of anti social behaviour criminal acts. Also of note, the fly tipping has reduced and the Police have encouraged the council to clean the area which has been rat infested for the last year. I understand from Andy Gilhooley and Terry Hill that they are meeting with local landlords to try and reduce the number of revolving tenants with histories of anti social behaviour. Having these officers getting everyone working together will only benefit the whole community in the longer term.The changes in my local area have been fantastic and this is down to these guys who cared.WOW!!!!!!!
Date: 14:53:12 29/08/13
38790. PC 886 Amanda Holland
Nomination submitted on behalf of the IP. The reason I wish to nominate Pc holland is that I recently had to visit a vulnerable victim of domestic violence, this was violence which has been ongoing for some years; the woman is partly disabled in part due to this violence. She stated that she has been given the courage to come forward after she had been seen by Amanda Holland, at this time the woman had not made any complaint, and she stated that Amanda had identified the plight of the woman and as a result her partner has been arrested and is currently on bail. Various measures have now been put in place to help this woman, however without doubt she has stated that without the intervention of PC Holland she would still be a victim of dometic violence. This did not end there, the woman was left by her ex partner with no money, TV or food; Amanda has continued to visit her and even taken her books to read, this has helped her to cope with the pressure of the circumstances in which this woman found herself and allowed her to take her mind off her problems and relax a little. As an organisation we do not often seek praise but having spoken to many victims of crime and particularly domestic violence, I can say that the impact on this woman has been outstanding. Amanda has not only identified the violence which has now been identified and is in the process of being dealt with, but the reassurance that she has given to this victim is a testiment to her knowledge and understanding. And as a member of the organisation it gives me great pride when I hear a victim speaking so highly of an officer and I feel that in this case this needs to be recognised.
Date: 14:36:34 29/08/13
38304. PCSO 7493 Katie Staincliffe
We in the Jackson st, Dundas St, North Street and Park parade are having a serious anti social behaviour problem, which has been on going for several months. Katie has attended most of the incidents and has shown particular interest and concern to the problems arising. She has made every effort to resolve the issues, but is limited in what she can do. an She is highly thought of within the area and I would commend here attitude and commitment.
Date: 14:03:44 29/08/13
38267. PCSO 6326 Ian Feldon & PCSO 6899 Mark Peacock
I would like to nominate both Ian & Mark for their excellent support when I had problems with a neighbour and local children.Their work did not stop when these problems were solved. They often contact me to make sure things are fine. I feel I have made 2 friends instead of 2 officers doing their job.
Date: 13:23:00 29/08/13
38211. PC 2283 David Littlefair
A letter of appreciation and a donation has been received by the Durham Constabulary Benevolent Fund from the Managing Director of a local business who had a theft from his business premises in Shildon. The gentleman writes "I cant begin to put into words how such.....proper policing makes me feel that at least there is some hope for the future" when he describes PC Littlefairs actions in relation to the way he handled this incident.He also goes on to comment that PC Littlefair, Sgt Clark and the other members of the team at Shildon "are a huge credit to the Police service and in particular to Durham Constabulary"
Date: 13:18:05 29/08/13
37873. PCSO 7039 Scott Ruddick and PCSO 8523 Jeffrey Parker
I wish to nominate both PCSOs for the invaluable security advice that they gave me recently on my stall located in a shopping arcade. Having worked with both officers previously, when I decided to sell valuable jewellery from the stall they highlighted a number of potential security issues but also provided a number of crime prevention solutions which I implemented ...and with great success. In my opinion the two lads do great work.
Date: 13:03:58 29/08/13
37858. PC 2267 David Simms
I have suffered verbal abuse from my neighbours and had to call the police. PC David Simms attended my home address and spent a great deal of time with me, listening to my concerns. He took my concerns seriously and has provided support and reassurance and really calmed the situation down. He ensured that my neighbours were spoken to and kept me updated throughout the process. This officer is very approachable and easy to talk to and I am grateful for his assistance.
Date: 12:33:07 29/08/13
37852. Sgt 413 Steve Norris
Sgt Norris response to speaking with the travellers that arrived at Browney was top drawer. Initially we were disappointed with the response as we did not receive an update and none of our questions were answered. However, once I emailed Insp Paul Anderson and the job was passed to Sgt Norris many of our answers were answered within a matter of days and one visit by him to the site. Due to the travellers being on private land there was little he could do in terms of his powers but was able to use discretion and his communication skills to ensure the anti-social behaviour was kept to a minimum and tried to persuade them to take their litter and waste with them. His replies and visits were extremely swift and on behalf of the residents of Browney we are extremely thankful of the effort and response.
Date: 12:25:29 29/08/13
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