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39750. PC 2507 Russell Booth, PC 2432 Colin Smith & PC 2363 Tracy Cornfield
I am a bailiff at Durham County Court. I would like to nominate the above officers for their help and professionalism when I asked for their assistance to execute a repossession warrant at a property in Langley Park, Durham on 15th October 2013. We as bailiffs rely on police asssistance when performing our court duties and it is gratifying to know that when we request assistance from Durham Constabulary you will always attend. Can you please thank your officers once again for their cheerful and professional approach.
Date: 16:41:30 24/10/13
39725. PC 2130 Stephen Kirby & PC 2115 Kevin Wilkinson
Mr Cowan would like to noimate PC Kirby & PC Wilkinson officers for a WOW award stating that on Monday 07/10 he attended South Moor police station feeling suicidal; PCs Kirby and Wilkinson have assisted Mr Cowan and got him the help he required. He stated quite simply that if it wasnt for the help he received from these two officers he would have been dead and therefore wishes to put them forward for a WOW award.
Date: 16:38:01 24/10/13
39719. Sgt 1198 Simon Rogers & Mr John Raw
Sergeant Simon Rogers and local Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator, John Raw, are both commended by Staindrop Parish Council for the timely and efficient manner in which they particularly, and their colleagues, dealt with a series of break-ins and thefts from garages and sheds in Staindrop earlier this year and apprehended two persons in connection with the offences.
Date: 16:16:44 24/10/13
39595. PC 2223 Terence Hill & PC 2043 Brian Dawson
Submitted on behalf of Clare Wilkinson Hi I would like to pass on a big thank you to PC Terry Hill and PC Brian Dawson. Myself and my neighbour reported an incident and would like to pass on thanks on how this was dealt with. Pc Dawson came to the house and took notes and was very understanding and explained everything to us. He then said someone would be in touch. The next day Pc Hill called and explained he would be dealing with this and progressing it. I must say from then onwards he kept myself and my neighbour updated with everything that was happening and said he would continue to do so. I would just like to say the service provided was brilliant and thank you once again.
Date: 16:06:51 24/10/13
39459. Mr Michael Barton
A Very Brave decision to go public with the view that Illegal Drugs should be decriminalized. Should be given a Medal.
Date: 15:59:27 24/10/13
39415. Sgt 1827 Paul Foootes
I would like to nominate Sgt Paul Footes for a WOW award for the support and advice that he has given me on many occasions. I sustained a significant injury which has an impact on my life. I trust Sgt Footes as he is very reliable and he has gone beyond the call of duty to assist me.
Date: 16:34:30 30/09/13
38826. Miss Claire Lundy
A gentleman had self harmed and was very vulnerable. After some speedy and concise Call Handling, Claire dispatched officers and arranged for an ambulance. The gentleman rang back and wanted to nominate Claire for an award for going beyond the call of duty.
Date: 16:34:18 30/09/13
39403. PC 2571 Dean Wilson
Dean was the officer available when we reported a recent problem after having paid for work to be done but never completed or repaid. Dean listened carefully, empathised with us & a neighbour who was also stung. We feel that Dean exceeded what we expected from the police, he kept in regular contact and updated us on every aspect of the case. He never promised a conviction & we were delighted with the outcome. Dean is a very dedicated officer & we would not hesitate in contacting him or his colleagues for any help in the future. We would be grateful if you could pass our gratitude onto him regarding this case.
Date: 16:27:45 30/09/13
39240. PC 2524 Paul Vickers & PC 1607 Pat Varley
On Behalf of Mr KENNETH KITCHEN. I conducted a ring back today with this gentleman. He had a mobility scooter stolen from his out house by local youths. He stated that the officers attended and in his words were "ABSOLUTLEY BRILLIANT" that they clearly cared about what had gone on and that they helped to recover the scooter. He stated that PC VICKERS partly carried/ pushed the scooter which had a wheel missing while PC VARLEY followed behind in the police vehicle up hill back to his home address. He was genuinely chuffed and stated hed been talking to his neighbours and telling him all about the police actions that day.
Date: 16:24:16 30/09/13
39193. Sgt 598 Kay Howarth, PC 1434 Ellis Hall & PCSO 7483 Hanna Sattar
We were having many anti social problems with our next door neighbours which culminated in parking issues, drinking, loud music and outrageous behaviour going on until the early hours of the morning throughout the week and every weekend which finally ended in a confrontation and assault on myself. I would like to thank Kay, PC Ellis Hall and Hannah for all their care, help and support throughout the whole situation many many thanks!
Date: 16:20:26 30/09/13
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