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39415. Sgt 1827 Paul Foootes
I would like to nominate Sgt Paul Footes for a WOW award for the support and advice that he has given me on many occasions. I sustained a significant injury which has an impact on my life. I trust Sgt Footes as he is very reliable and he has gone beyond the call of duty to assist me.
Date: 16:34:30 30/09/13
38826. Miss Claire Lundy
A gentleman had self harmed and was very vulnerable. After some speedy and concise Call Handling, Claire dispatched officers and arranged for an ambulance. The gentleman rang back and wanted to nominate Claire for an award for going beyond the call of duty.
Date: 16:34:18 30/09/13
39403. PC 2571 Dean Wilson
Dean was the officer available when we reported a recent problem after having paid for work to be done but never completed or repaid. Dean listened carefully, empathised with us & a neighbour who was also stung. We feel that Dean exceeded what we expected from the police, he kept in regular contact and updated us on every aspect of the case. He never promised a conviction & we were delighted with the outcome. Dean is a very dedicated officer & we would not hesitate in contacting him or his colleagues for any help in the future. We would be grateful if you could pass our gratitude onto him regarding this case.
Date: 16:27:45 30/09/13
39240. PC 2524 Paul Vickers & PC 1607 Pat Varley
On Behalf of Mr KENNETH KITCHEN. I conducted a ring back today with this gentleman. He had a mobility scooter stolen from his out house by local youths. He stated that the officers attended and in his words were "ABSOLUTLEY BRILLIANT" that they clearly cared about what had gone on and that they helped to recover the scooter. He stated that PC VICKERS partly carried/ pushed the scooter which had a wheel missing while PC VARLEY followed behind in the police vehicle up hill back to his home address. He was genuinely chuffed and stated hed been talking to his neighbours and telling him all about the police actions that day.
Date: 16:24:16 30/09/13
39193. Sgt 598 Kay Howarth, PC 1434 Ellis Hall & PCSO 7483 Hanna Sattar
We were having many anti social problems with our next door neighbours which culminated in parking issues, drinking, loud music and outrageous behaviour going on until the early hours of the morning throughout the week and every weekend which finally ended in a confrontation and assault on myself. I would like to thank Kay, PC Ellis Hall and Hannah for all their care, help and support throughout the whole situation many many thanks!
Date: 16:20:26 30/09/13
39148. PC 2695 Daniel Travis
I wish to nominate PC Travis following a recent incident where there was a gas canister explosion which practically demolished our neighbours address & caused substantial internal damage to our adjoining property due to the fire/explosion. PC Travis was on scene during the incident & throughout, continued to keep myself & my husband updated, offered advice & reassurance and also liaised with the fire service as we had cats inside our home which we were very concerned for. I strongly feel that due to PC Travis actions, the whole distressing & upsetting situation of not just having both properties damaged but also losing a neighbour in the explosion, was made a little easier & bearable. I cannot express enough how thankful we both are to PC Travis and feel that he needs to be recognised for his very kind & understated actions.
Date: 16:03:09 30/09/13
39074. PCSO 7046 Holly Dobson
I had family problems and spoke to Holly for quite a while and found her to be very very helpful; indeed she gave me all the help that was available..I found her very easy to talk to where she had no aboveness to me at all she was on my level which I think should be the case when dealing with the general public in nervous times such as these when someone goes to the station for advice.
Date: 15:58:27 30/09/13
39027. PCSO 6326 Ian Feldon
I would like to nominate Ian as he has been of great support to us over the past few months in tackling anti-social behaviour and local petty crime. He always makes himself available and has become a good friend to residents within our sheltered accommodation building. He always goes the extra mile and nothing is too much trouble for him. He has a positive attitude and we all feel he genuinely cares about local issues.
Date: 15:42:25 30/09/13
37915. Mr Harold Wilsher
Harold has been an active NHW member and co-ordinator in Billy Row for a number of years. Through his hard work and work with the Community and Police Harold has had a significant impact on reducing crime and making Billy Row a safe place to live and work. Recently Harold has become a Safer Home Scheme volunteer and has been proactive in his approach to the scheme. Harold has placed two funding bids in to British Coal and has secured £2500 in additional funding to support this initiative and this has been used to purchase security products for use in the homes of residents of Billy Row, (over recent years Harold has secured funding for youth and community projects totalling over £10K). Harold continues to make regular patrols of his village and will work with the police to identify problems in order to tackle issues as they arise. His commitment and dedication to NHW and making his community a better place to live is an example to us all. Harold really is an inspiration and he has impressed me and others due to his achievements and his efforts which would be hard to measure. A WOW award does not seem enough for his achievements!
Date: 15:26:03 30/09/13
38754. PCSO 6389 Christine Taylor and PCSO 6390 Adrian Richards
I would like to nominate two PCSOs for outstanding work in the local community.Their work in the community is inspirational for the following reasons. About six years ago Christine and Adrian were motivated to set up an Activity Week in Chester-le-Street as they listened to the young people in the town who told them they were bored as there was nothing to do in the six weeks holidays. This resulted in the dynamic duo organising this event in the towns marketplace which includes face painting, a climbing wall, story telling and some really fun bouncy castles. Everything is free as they ask local Councillors for a contribution, local businesses and various other sources of funding. Approx. 2000 people visit this event every day which is great for the local economy. The police receive very positive feedback about this event on the Chester le Street police Facebook page. Another reason why I am so impressed with this pair is they care passionately about the community in which they work. An example of this is as follows; they know that I am investigating some flooding issues in the town and have very kindly informed me of some businesses which are severely affected by the flooding and have also provided me with contact names and photos which really assists me in getting issues resolved. I also know that they are held in high regard by residents in the community.
Date: 15:19:37 29/08/13
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