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40724. DC 2170 Peter Lonsdale & PC 735 Bridget Westerman
Nomination submitted on behalf of member of the public.Letter received from offender expressing his thanks to Peter Lonsdale and Bridget Westerman for their good treatment and understanding ways. In his words I am glad you two dealt with me as you were very nice Police officers. I hope you will continue to support help me because I really dont want to offend again. I want to get a good career in chefing and get a nice decent house. It was a privilege to meet officers as yourselves and hopefully we can meet again in a different manner. I hope court goes well for myself and life will be able to get better from here. Please help me though, it would really be appreciated.Yous deserve the WOW award. Thank you for dealing with me so well and your ways are very good.Thank you so much.
Date: 10:45:18 30/01/14
40725. PC 2411 Simon Morris
Submitted on behalf of friend.I would like to nominate PC Simon Morris for an award for the exceptional level of customer service and compassion he showed towards my friend. On Christmas Eve my friends husband died of a heart attack and PC Morris dealt with her at Darlington Memorial Hospital after the death of her husband. I contacted PC Morris to thank him personally for looking after her in such a kind and thoughtful manner in what was a dreadful time for her. He replied back to me and I passed on his reply to my friend who found this very comforting. She asked me to let him know that how he dealt with her and the situation was perfect and that he was more than just a police officer he was a true gentleman and he should keep doing what he is doing. I feel that without this level of support provided by PC Morris then my friend would have struggled more with this awful situation and feel that his compassion and sympathy meant a great deal to her.
Date: 10:55:36 31/12/13
40675. Sgt 2246 Martin Wilson, PC 1919 Ross Good, PC 2071 Jason Pool, PC 2716 Thomas Teague, PC 2255 Stuart Simpson & PC 2705 Thomas McFall
Melanie Stewart has rang into Comms to pass on her thanks to the above officers for their bravery and professionalism during a recent incident. Melanie states that the officers were confronted with a male in severe pain after breaking his leg who was severely autistic and unable to understand the situation so as a result was extremely agitated. Melanie states that these officers dealth with the male with the urgency and compassion he deserved. If it wasnt for the quick thinking and positive approach of the officers the man would have lost his leg. He is currently recovering and is on the mend. Melanie and the staff are very grateful for all the help they received.
Date: 10:43:33 31/12/13
40662. PC 2161 Lee Finlay
I would like to recommend this officer PC Lee Finlay for a wow award as his service given to us on the sudden death of my Aunt, he forced entry to her home, replaced the lock & was an absolute star !! The compassion & help he gave my mother on finding her sister deceased was above & beyond his duties as an officer , so Id like to give Officer 2161 Lee Finlay a huge thank you for his care , compassion & help,officers like him restore the publics faith in the police force !!
Date: 10:27:58 31/12/13
40643. PC 2052 Shaun Nicholson and oscar the dog
PC 1799 Lee Jackson has been carrying out licencing patrols and working to develop improved practice and licence support for some time. PC 2052 Shaun Nicholson of the dog support unit has worked closely with the relief for just under a year now. PC Nicholoson has helped develop improved techniques working with response officers and has shown myself and the community commitment to supporting licencee’s and public safety. After initaily requesting support for a dog patrol 12 months ago, I have seen a dramatic change in my community. PC Nicholoson and his trusty companion police dog Oscar have worked endlessly to train response officers in body scanning tactics and putting the community at ease. Whenever the two visit my premises they are a delight, engaging endlessly with my team and the clientel. They always take the time to have a chat with customers, explaining why they are here and what they hope to do for Consett and the community. The duo have become local characters in the area and have become a positive deterent. In my opion PC Nicholson & Police Dog Oscar deserve a WOW award for the exceptional service they have provided to myself and the community.
Date: 10:21:35 31/12/13
40589. PC 2564 James Edwards & PC 1445 Harry Marsh
On 13th December 2013, a lady by the name of Linda Carter (65yrs) of Barnard Castle, phoned the office stating that a few months ago she suffered a massive heart attack whilst at home alone. Although she managed to telephone an ambulance, she actually collapsed whilst making the call, obviously making this a time critical emergency. Ambulance staff alerted police that they would not get to this address quickly and requested prompt action from local officers. Two police officers immediately attended; Jim Edwards and Harry Marsh. Linda is in no doubt that if it wasn’t for the prompt, effective and professional manner in which they dealt with the incident she would not be alive today. Seconds after arriving on scene, they managed to enter the house and quickly took control. Linda was by now unconscious and had indeed suffered a heart attack. They both quickly assessed the situation and without hesitation commenced CPR continuing until paramedics arrived on scene. Thanks to the two officers Linda is making a good recovery and looking forward to Christmas. Linda just wanted to thank both officers and says she will be forever grateful and appreciative of them both.
Date: 09:52:17 31/12/13
40557. PC 194 Anthony Richmond & PC 2058 Iain Nelson
Letter of thanks received for going that extra mile with a motorist whilst conducting mass screening for drink drivers:-Dear sir This morning I got stopped for a routine breath test by 2 police motorcyclists. I would like to thank them for pointing out to me that i was sitting far to close to the steering wheel and how dangerous this was. The police officers kindly offered to adjust the steering wheel position for me as I didnt know how to do it. I must admit It felt like a much more comfortable driving position and I didnt have a stiff neck at the end of my shift. Keep up the good work and thanks again. Vivien Chirnside
Date: 09:35:02 31/12/13
40545. PCSO 6543Cheryl Watson & PCSO 6429 Mark Greener.
These officers rescued me when my wheel dropped off on asda roundabout and calmed me down when I was displaying major histrionics. They made me laugh and kept me warm & didnt even mind missing their lunch break to stay with me even though they were starving hungry. The best thing of all is theyve totally changed my whole opinion on the boys & girls in blue. They are absolute super stars.
Date: 09:29:49 31/12/13
40541. PC 197 Alistair Henry, PCSO 6884 Theresa Moore & PCSO 7515 Carl Blenkinsop
Since June 2013 till 6th December 2013 we have had problems with two separate households where we live. Eventualy the team have been able to get rid of them,if the WOW people look at the records they will know what we have had to put up with.I would also like to include PC Alister Henry and PCSO Tess Moore for this award as all three of these chaps! have been the constant attending officers.
Date: 09:21:54 31/12/13
40535. PCSO 7425 Victoria Ord & Sgt 993 David Clarke
A lot of people never hear the other side of policing. I would like to share with you, my experience. I am a community volunteer and also a Nieghbourhood Watch member. Pc Viki Ord is always on hand with advice and also sends other information which may be useful to people or community groups such as ideas or links that may inspire people as well as crime prevention. Because of one of her links, it inspired me to create a Royal Garden. Back in April (24th) 2013 this Royal Garden was official opened up by HRH Prince Phillip. On the day many officers from her team and consett police were on operational duty.Sgt Dave Clark and his team is based at South Moor Police Station, his team recently worked with two schools to spruce up the outside grounds of the police station, adding color and forming relationships with the younger generation and wider community. After the children were finished planting the police provided treats and soft drinks and a little gift. The fact that the youngsters and the police braved the cold as the planting was carried out November 15th 2013, in which their photo was taken and reported by the Northern Echo showed a positive way of Policing and community involvementIt is for this reason I nominate these two officers, for their outstanding commitment to the communities they serve.
Date: 09:11:42 31/12/13
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