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36570. PCSO 7095 Brian Donnelly
We have experienced general anti-social behaviour and attempted break-ins to our garage which have been very distressing to our family. PCSO Brian Donnelly used great personal communication skills to take confrontation out of any situations . He has been pro-active in his efforts to resolve the situation, being patient and firm but fair to all parties. Brian has been sympathetic and composed an excellent letter requesting compromise on all sides. He always remains one step ahead of the next potential problem and comes up with new ideas to combat them. At PACT meetings, Brian is very approachable and provides impartial advice and support. He has provided great support to our community and has really gone the extra mile to resolve issues.
Date: 10:58:38 18/07/13
36367. PC1940 Catherine Iley
I would like to nominate PC Iley for her WOW award. Tragically our chairman died last night at the Ballantine hotel Darlington. Catherine’s leadership, vision and grip for this tragic incident were quite amazing. She was highly professional, took a very quick and accurate full statement and managed the many varied issues surrounding an un explained death. It meant such a lot to me, Mr Royale’s family and all the staff at the Sherwoods Group. My sincere thanks and well done to you and your team.
Date: 10:53:50 18/07/13
36332. PC 2348 Gary Fenwick
I would very much like to nominate the above officer for one of your awards. I dont have many details so I hope the name is correct. Last Wednesday one of my employees went missing which was completely out of character. Myself and a colleague went looking for him and came upon PC Fenwick attending another incident. We approached PC Fenwick and he escorted us to a few possible bars, takeaways to check for Jordans whereabouts. In the meantime PC Fenwick had radioed the station to check the hospital and custody suite. Shortly after we located Jordan at the hospital; he had been pulled from the river. PC Fenwick escorted us to the hospital and through to where Jordan was being treated. Jordan was in a bit of a mess and as mentioned earlier this was completely out of character. PC Fenwick spoke to Jordan and tried to find out how he ended up in the river. We could not get to the bottom of it but PC Fenwick was really concerned and went away only to come back a few hours later with a collegue to investigate further. We did not get to the bottom of what happened but I really must say that PC Fenwick went over and above the call of duty. In any business no matter what it is people make the difference and PC Fenwick certainly did, in my opinion an asset to the police force. Please pass on our thanks.
Date: 10:49:13 18/07/13
36021. PCSO 7353 Sonia Jameson
For her brilliant idea to engage with the local communtity by developing and introducing a short questionnaire to find out what they think and their concerns and focusing on satisfaction and confidence. If successful, it is anticipated that the questionnaire will be rolled out to the rest of the Force. On a personal note, PCSO Jameson is my main point of contact with any concerns that I have and she is very reassuring and always there for assistance.
Date: 12:42:47 08/07/13
36216. PCSO 6478 Karen Dinsdale PCSO 6907 Andrew Gilhooley & PCSO 7568 Graham Hughes
For their help and support escorting our Nursery Annual Fancy Dress Walk get safely from Rosemary Lane Nursery in Easington Village, all the way to Easington Colliery. Over 100 toddlers accompanied by parents, siblings, staff from nursery all dressed in fancy dress, carrying banners and crossing busy main roads. Without the care, professionalism and experience of the above officers, this event could not possibly have gone ahead. Also the presence of real police officers, is an exciting experience for the children. We are very grateful for the officers help in making our day very special and enabling us to raise funds via sponsor forms, for childrens equipment and nursery trip.
Date: 12:17:56 08/07/13
36084. PC 1813 David Williamson
David has worked on a project with local neighbourhood watch groups where a holiday home protection pack can be loaned out. The pack consists of a number of items giving the home and outbuildings protection. The kits are held by the local coordinators and members can book kits out for holiday or other extended periods when their homes will be empty. The idea that David had has been passed on to other Police forces and a number of Officers have contacted David for advice and information on his project leading them to start similar projects in their area (South Wales and Lancashire) being two.
Date: 12:10:07 08/07/13
36044. PC 185 Ian Wilkinson
I would like to nominate Ian Wilkinson for an award for his persistence in the face of adversity.I had a situation where my car had been bumped in the car park where I work, and despite there being 6 witnesses to it happening, CCTV evidence, and 5 letters of the registration number. Ian Wilkinson managed the whole situation professionally and sympathetically. In the initial visit, I was treated very sympathetically as I had not had any involvement with the police before so had no idea on what the process what, but Ian, made the who thing a very positive experience. The management refused to provide him with any information about the driver, even though several people seemed to know who he was. He was told that the drivers rights under the data protection act. Ian successfully managed to champion my rights as the victim and was able use his interpersonal skills to persuade management to contact the driver, who has now accepted responsibility. Without Ians persistence I am certain that the issue wouldnt have been resolved so quickly and amicably as it was. He is a credit to the force and the positive image of the police that people should see.
Date: 16:35:30 28/06/13
35594. PC 1242 Sam Chong & PC 728 Sarah Rodgers
Someone broke into our garden in the early hours of 15th June and stole a touring bike. We rang the police and PC Chong and PC Rodgers called round and took all the details; PC Chong went door to door and they were both very attentive and sympathetic; we were very impressed with the way they spoke to us and promised theyd do all they could to locate the bike and made us feel confident that the bike might be found. The next today 16th June PC Chong rang to say they had found the bike and that he would bring it to the house after finger prints had been taken. We were over the moon because the bike has been all over Europe and holds great sentimental value. In fact they dont make the same bikes anymore its value is about £500 but it was more the sentimentel value. We would just like to say how grateful we are that these two police officers didnt just think of it as another bike that went missing, they really cared that it was returned to us and went out of their way to make sure there was a positive outcome. Please make sure they are recognised for this as we are very proud of our police force; thank you very much PC Chong and PC Rodgers
Date: 16:50:55 27/06/13
35573. PC 1921Terence Graham
This officer last year organised a retrospective meeting, between Police, Residents, Business and staff at the YMCA for homeless young people. This was because of all the anger around the building and young persons. He controlled the meeting, which was very hostile. Everyone in the room was angry including the staff. Terry did get all parties to agree the future, he had a review in March and he only got praise from all for the way he took the meeting and the success he has now achieved after the review. He has got the police and communities together and everyone thinks he did an exceptional job and brought all parties together to a good happy end. Full praise to him for all his efforts and patience. Well done.
Date: 09:27:13 25/06/13
35570. PC 2460 Jacqueline Mallows
PC Mallows provided top quality service when I needed someones help during an incident which occured in June along with her colleague PC Peele. She took a very professional approach to the situation however remained very down to earth. She showed a level of understanding beyond her role as a police officer and her caring nature shon through better than the nurses we seen that night. She offered help and support throughout the night doing as much as she possibly could. I would love for PC Mallows behaviour that night to be known and appreciated by those she works for as she is a credit to the company.
Date: 09:24:22 25/06/13
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