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41246. Nicola Wheatley/ Pete Lonsdale
Letter recieved from serving offender in HMP. Thanking the two officers for being approachable, fair and professional in their dealings with him for outstanding offences. Advice he recieved from them regarding him planning a future and referals to partner organisations which will help and support him.
Date of Nomination: 14:26:07 28/02/14
41109. D/Sgt 2088 Scott JAMESON
Please see the below from the Coroners Office today (11/02/2014) regarding the suicide of a man. Scott dealt with this as on call Det Sgt, North, in the early hours of the 30th November 2013. As you will see from the email he recieved praise from both family members and the Cornoners Office. Incidents of this nature require the highest standards of tact and professionalism and I am delighted to nominate Scott for his actions on this occasion. E Mail from Coroners to DSgt 238 Devine 11/02/2014:Hi Graeme,I just wanted to make you aware at the inquest for the above man which was held yesterday, the family specifically asked the Coroner to thank Scott for his hard work and professional manner throughout the case. It is quite rare for the family to do this at inquest and therefore I wanted to make you aware of this. Scott’s handling of the family, reports and property in relation to our role within the Coroner’s Office was extremely helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks Dawn Bradshaw HM Coroners Officer.
Date of Nomination: 11:00:13 28/02/14
41081. Mrs Margaret ELGIE
I would like to highlight the outstanding work undertaken by the local Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator for Sunnybrow; Margaret ELGIE on Tuesday 4th February 2014.On the above date at around 13:30 HRS I was on foot patrol in the area of Sunnybrow allotments with Margaret. I was approached by a member of the public who brought my attention to a black Quadzilla R100 quad bike which was parked up outside of the allotments. This member of the public stated they had not seen it in the area before. I agreed it was unusual for the quad to be left in the area with no obvious owner nearby however at that time there were no obvious signs of TWOK damage and vehicle checks were conducted to make sure it had not been reported stolen. Subsequently I made the decision to leave the quad in its location, believing that it must belong to someone who had simply parked it and intended to return. I then tasked Margaret to keep an eye on the quad and report any suspicious activity. Subsequently at around 16:15 HRS I received a private call from Comms stating Margaret ELGIE would like to speak with me. At this time I was not in a position to speak so I told the call handler I would speak when I became available.At 17:54 HRS the quad was reported stolen and I was tasked to re-attend Sunnybrow allotments to confirm if the quad was still in the location. I arrived on scene at approximately 18:34 HRS and confirmed that the vehicle had been moved; therefore I went to liaise with Margaret who informed me that she had witnessed three male youths attempting to start the quad at around 16:00 HRS so took it upon herself to go and challenge the group. Margaret spoke with one of the males who stated it was his quad and it had been stolen last night. She then asked if she could take this males photo which he agreed to before he proceeded in company with the other two males to take the quad up through Sunnybrow, along the old railway lines towards Hunwick.I was able to ID the male in the photograph, additionally PCSO CAREY and I had sighted this male in company with two others matching the descriptions given walking away from the old railway lines in Hunwick at around 19:15 HRS.This information was then relayed on to SCT at SB who then affected arrests on two of the males responsible.I understand that the male challenged and photographed by Margaret has now admitted to the burglary.
Date of Nomination: 10:53:08 28/02/14
41080. Wioleta Cieslewicz, Tomasz Fladro and Cassie Wilson
At the beginning of January 2014 a non English speaking Polish woman packed all her belongings and moved from Poland to Darlington with her 11yr old son to start a new life with her new Polish partner. Unfortunately after severing all ties with Poland the woman and her son found that her new partner was not as he had seemed and that she was now living within an abusive relationship. Concerned about her sons welfare she left her partner and sought help but this resulted in her believing through poor communication that she was entitled to no support, she could be deported back to Poland and not be allowed to return to England, and her son might be taken into care due to her not being able to support him. Panicked by this information she turned to Wioleta and Tomasz who are North Road beat team volunteers who lead the local Polish community through PACT. Tomasz liaised with Sgt Edmunds and the Citizen Advice bureau whilst Wioleta maintained contact with the woman. A Polish nurse from the local hospital agreed to provide temporary accommodation whilst the problems where looked into. However, both Tomasz and Wioleta also considered offering their homes temporarily to prevent the woman being homeless and losing her child. The woman attended the local citizen advice bureau and was given further advice translated by Tomasz and Wioleta which resulted in a social services referral. Wioleta made herself available for the Social services visit and helped with communication which helped prevent further confusion and gave support to the woman. The law as it stands does not provide for EU citizens to be supported long term unless they have a NI number through having work or they have been in the country over 3 months. Emergency funds were used to provide short term support and to allow the family to stay with the Polish nurse and the son to continue at a local school. This was obviously facilitated by Wioleta and Tomasz. Cassie Wilson works with the local minority communities in Northgate and in particular the Polish community. She was briefed about the circumstances by Sgt Edmunds and she made arrangements for the woman’s belongings to be recovered from the ex partners address and she used her contacts to find the woman a part time job so that she can start helping herself and get a NI number which will allow the local council to now help her. The woman was very emotional and thankful for all the help she has received and it would appear a very difficult and dangerous situation has now been put right by the support of Wioleta, Tomasz and Cassie. Although others have contributed to the success reported above I believe the above three named persons went beyond what would normally be expected of them and as such deserve recognition. I am very proud to be their supervisor.
Date of Nomination: 10:45:17 28/02/14
41011. PC 1894 Michel Bostock
For her work in a protracted application for a SOPO (sexual offences prevention order)obtained against a very litigious individual. The application took nearly a year to conclude involving numerous court hearings and substantial evidence.Throughout the application PC Bostock has been first class and a credit to the Constabulary. She has conducted herself professionally, fronting up the case and remaining in full control. She has shown a personal determination to see the case to the end and has obtained and presented excellent evidence. The subject of the SOPO is a dangerous individual and the SOPO will allow the Police to manage this individual and protect children.
Date of Nomination: 09:25:54 28/02/14
40678. PC 2045 Andrew WELLS
I note that the site mentions this must be recent however I feel Andys work for coming up to 18 months does warrant some praise. He attended a serious four vehicle collision on the A167 Chilton on the 1st June 2012. One of the vehicles involved was driven by a man from the darlington area. The offending vehicle had for reasons unknown, entered the opposing carriageway and collided headon with the man before hitting two other vehicles. The man was shortly due to retire and enjoy a round the world trip with his wife. He suffered massive life changing injuries on his brain and physical injuries at the time. Their trip was cancelled and he is now having to live apart from his wife in semi secure care in the Leeds area. The investigation is still ongoing and has been adjourned at court numerous times. P.C WELLS has been liaising with CPS a number of times to get a successful outcome for the family who has certainly had a terrible 18 months. Andrew has been in regular contact with the family to check on their welfare. He has gone out of his way to make sure she has been updated at every stage and make sure her questions have been answered throughout. The family has suffered a lot of heartache and the victim no longer really knows his wife due to his injuries. I feel that Andrew has gone above and beyond in his role where other officers would have cut ties. He has kept their welfare in his thoughts in my opinion first class victim care.
Date of Nomination: 10:21:13 30/01/14
40564. PCSO 7405 Steven Atherton
Steve responded promptly and pleasantly with helpful advice when I reported that a car had been left outside our home for over a week (not a neighbours or locals). We have also experienced nuisance parking across our access gate. He was very courteous and thorough in providing advise on parking issues in Tanfield Village. Many thanks Steve.
Date of Nomination: 10:04:37 30/01/14
40638. PCSO 7242 Michael Craine
Michael is the local PCSO for the Leadgate area. He regularly visits the Leadgate community centre. During one of his visits Michael noticed that the retaining wall of the disabled ramp was in a poor state. The bricks were coming away which not only could have caused injury, but could have been used as missiles. Michael then spoke to the caretaker about the wall while at the PACT meeting. Michael offered his services as Michael is a fully qualified brick layer. The community centre took up Michaels offer and Michael then dusted his brick laying trowel off went to the community centre with buckets, sand & cement. Michael had arranged prior to attending to invite some of the younger children from the community to come along and join in laying some bricks. Michael completed the job with help from the younger children making the disable ramp a lot safer and cosmetically more pleasing to the eye. The event was published in several newsletters including the PACT updates and also in the Police & Crime Commissioners report, issue 6 Nov 2013. Michael has shown a great use of his skills in both repairing the wall and bringing the wider community together by including the young children, who, as time goes on will look at the wall knowing that they had a part in its refurbishment. Michael obtained all the materials in his own time and supplied the bricks needed from his own personal stock.
Date of Nomination: 10:09:36 31/12/13
39967. SC 3672 Mathew Speed
SC Speed lives in London, however he travels to Seaham on weekends to do duty with the Seaham Neighbourhood Team. he does not come every wekend but if we contact him for an operation or an operational need he will travel from London to Co Durham to carry out his duties. I believe his commitment to Durham Constabulary and to his duties as a Special Constable are well derserving of a WOW award. travelling from London to do duties!!
Date of Nomination: 08:54:43 31/12/13
39851. PC 1080 William Crampsie & Mr Garry Palmer
While checking the force logs, I came across an incident where it was mentioned that a photograph had been taken by a landowner of a person who was suspected of badger baiting. I asked the local PCSO to send me the photograph, even though local officers were not able to identify the man. I did not recognise the man, but thought that local Weardale officers might. I e-mailed this to Billy Crampsie who recognised the man immediately. He liaised with RSPCA officer Garry Palmer and a warrant and investigation took place. This took a lot of time and effort on both officers part as this is an area of policing that is not widely dealt with on a day to day basis and both officers went far beyond their remit to ensure that the male was dealt with robustly at court. The investigation may never have got that far without the hard work and determination of Billy and Garry. Their efforts were rewarded when the male was heavily sentenced for the offence at court. For all of their dilliogence and perserverance, I feel that PC Billy Crampsie and RSPCA officer Garry Palmer should be awarded WOW awards ans they went far beyond thier call of duty to bring a successful prosecution to the offences.
Date of Nomination: 08:51:20 31/12/13
40472. DC 125 Mark Forster
Letter recieved to myself from Mr & Mrs Fisher, 9 The Ridgeway, South Shields, Glaggwood Park. Outlining the fantastic manner, approach and advice offered to them by this officer. This was in relation to the customer being a victim of crime in having their m/v stolen. DC Foster offered them advice around insurance, the updates on the enq. and future security. Mr & Mrs Fisher provided feedback on how proud they are of the police and of the officer involved.
Date of Nomination: 11:28:05 29/11/13
39843. C Relief Call Handling Team
On behalf of the C shift Supervisory Team comprising Insp Blakemore, Sgt Sammut, Supervisor Paul Sharp & I, I wish to nominate the C Shift Call Handling Team based in the Priority Dispatch Centre at Police HQ, Durham for a WOW award. This small team of Call handling staff, some of whom are experienced staff and some who are new to the role of Call Handler, have consistently produced excellent Call Management results throughout the year to date. The team has proved to be the highest performing team of the four teams within the Communications Dept of a Force graded as no 2 nationally for "Ease of Contact". The staff have ensured that calls are answered quickly, ensured that "not ready" time has been kept to a minimum and have adapted well to the many changes in working practices which have occurred during the last few months ie pushing PACT Priorities, ensuring callers are asked if they want an update following their report & have embraced the risk assessment tool, THRIVE (identifying vulnerable persons & repeat victims) with a positive attitude, recognising its merits & the benefits it has on service delivery.
Date of Nomination: 10:32:30 29/11/13
39355. Mr Andy Snailham & Mr Steve Wright
To support a major investigation, a decision was taken to provide 16 additional laptops and with one weeks notice (and on top of their daily work) Andy and Steve prepared and delivered the laptops for use by another team. The service they provided and the postive attitude was first class and commented upon by others from around the country. Both individuals showed themselves, their department and Durham Constabulary as a professional and willing organisation, able to support huge national investigations as part of UK police
Date of Nomination: 10:21:16 29/11/13
39189. PC1939 Michael Auston
I wish to nominate PC1939 for a WOW award following all his advice & support after a gas canister explosion at our adjoining neighbours address which left their house practically demolished & our house badly damaged internally. Throughout the incident, he kept us updated, ensured that we were ok & offered advice in relation to insurance and the practical sides of such a situation. He acted very professional whilst being very empathetic to our situation. We had not only had damage caused to our house, but had lost a close neighbour and friend during this incident. I cannot praise PC Auston, who remained on scene preservation (his colleague has already nominated for WOW award also) enough as without his support & advice, I feel that we would have come away from this incident feeling a lot different.He is a credit to Durham Constabulary.
Date of Nomination: 16:08:12 30/09/13
39038. Mrs Jayne Collins
I would like to nominate Jayne for her work in relation to the preparation of the video and media work to allow the organisation to take their submissions to the WOW awards. In particular the ‘Red alert’ DVD where Jayne was given the freedom to use her imagination, take some informed decisions about what she did but to create something that was inspirational to go with our submission for the ‘Best Emergency Service’. Jayne did this fantastically well, gathering the footage and content she needed, putting together a very professional but different DVD to a piece of music that fit perfectly. It shows the diversity of issues the organsiation has to deal with and the fantastic staff who deliver this every day. She worked long hours against often competing operational demands. The DVD is already being used in focus days and training courses and has been very well received from viewers so far. Well done Jayne
Date of Nomination: 15:35:27 30/09/13
38800. Sgt 325 Peter Moore
Whilst on extended sick leave for a serious medical condition Sgt Moore made regular visits to my home address to check on my welfare and progress and, when I was well enough, took me for days out to assist in my recovery. He also kept in touch by text, particularly on treatment and consultation days, making me feel as if I was valued and cared for as a colleague. Sgt Moore even went to the trouble of making a meal for my husband and son whilst I was in hospital, empathising with the fact that they were also going through a traumatic time. I feel that he went over and above his requirement as a supervisor and deserves recognition for his consideration and support towards me during an extremely difficult period.
Date of Nomination: 15:31:38 30/09/13
36984. Tracy Cornfield
Pc 2363 Tracy Cornfield dealt with an elderly female reporting the theft of two solar lighted ornamental trees from her front garden. On arrival the lady was very upset, commenting she had lost everything in a house fire In November last year and her son had died at that time adding she did not have house insurance and very little in savings. The lady gave more bad news in that she had also recently been diagnosed with aggressive stomach cancer which is suspected to be terminal. The lady rarely sleeps at night and often stands at her front door in the middle of the night and the solar lights of the trees ‘made her smile’. Tracy took it upon herself to visit the store where the lady had purchased the solar lighted trees from, explained the circumstances to them and they have arranged to provide the lady with two replacement ones free of charge. The lady involved in this incident has been described as ‘over the moon’ with the extra work Tracy has done to replace the stolen items.Dave Telford A/Sgt 683
Date of Nomination: 12:40:09 29/07/13
36969. PCSO 6778 Claire Laidler & PCSO 7040, Steve Larter
After a concert at Durham County Cricket Ground a pre booked, and paid for, taxi failed to turn up to collect my 15 year old daughter and two friends. Eventually all stewards left and the area was completely deserted. A police van with two officers in spoke to my daughter and then to me on the phone. As you can imagine I was frantic with worry, and at the same time was in contact with the taxi company who assured me a car was en route. The female officer was truly brilliant. She calmed me down and assured me they would not leave the girls alone. She came across as friendly, reassuring but so professional. The taxi did not arrive and alternative arrangements were made for me to collect the girls. At no time were the girls left on their own and I truly believe these officers went way above their call of duty and I think they even worked past their finish time!! Not once did they make me or the girls feel we were being a hindrance and acted so professionally at all times. I know some people would expect officers to act that way but sadly it is not always the case. They have portrayed Durham Constabulary in such a positive light and one which the three girls will not forget. They are a credit to your force.
Date of Nomination: 15:44:46 23/07/13
34818. Mrs Catherine Brazier & Ms Catherine Morgan
Katy and Catherine (employee of a partner agency DCC) have provided unwavering and invaluable support to a repeat victim of domestic violence over a period of 2 years. They have spent numerous hours reassuring her which ultimately led to her appearance at court to give evidence. Both have gone the extra mile by attending appointments with the victim not related to the court process, helped her with re-housing and assisted in the removal of belongings which were of sentimental value in order to prevent her returning to the area and crossing paths with the perpetrator and to relieve her of the distress this was causing. The victim has previously retracted complaints and reconciled with the victim however this did not sway them from their positive attitude and problem solving approach. The victim was extremely grateful and wrote a letter of appreciation the the Chief Constable.
Date of Nomination: 15:45:34 27/06/13
34376. PCSO 7042 Elizabeth Harley
PCSO Harleys work secured the co-operation, support and complaint of a vulnerable victim who had sustained (reported) significant injury following a recent assault. This investigation was a success due to a number of factors including her dedication, victim-focus, sensitivity, positive attitude, fine investigative skills and above all a determination to support a victim with complex needs. She has personally supported this victim over a number of years and has made herself a source of help for a very vulnerable lady who lives a very chaotic life. Without this dedication this woman would not have had the confidence to help her situation and would very likely have suffered in silence. Such actions are both positive and professional and provide an excellent example of first class police work.
Date of Nomination: 14:10:32 31/05/13
29076. Miss Laura Philipson
I am nominating Laura for a Wow award as she recently went above and beyond her role to improve the life of a vulnerable young woman. Laura works closely with those working with victims of domestic abuse. In November Laura became aware of a young female who has recently moved from ‘the other end of the country’ away from family and friends because of domestic violence and was extremely vulnerable. She has been refused a Council grant and the appeal has also been refused. She has no furniture and nothing on the floor, (no carpets or coverings at all) she has no bed, washer or fridge, or anything to make the place ‘cosy’. Laura sent out requests using the internal circulator to all staff asking for their help. Laura and everyone in our team have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown by staff and the large numbers of donations of all sorts of furniture and homeware. Laura organised for donations to be stored and distributed. She also liaised with estates who offered a wide range of furniture from the old hostel blocks, ensuring unwanted furniture was given to those who need it. Laura’s initiative and kindness has not only improved the life of vulnerable people in our community but also shown the kindness displayed by police officers and staff across the force area.
Date of Nomination: 11:52:19 31/01/13
28827. PC 1676 John Payne
PC Payne came accross an RTC at Leadgate involving an elderly gentlemen. This males car was hit causing extensive damage by another vehicle who had left the scene without stopping. Following an area search PC Payne found a section of the offending vehicle and I believe through due diligence and exceptional police work, identified the offender from a portion of that car tracing its origin through a vw/audi supply chain. A marker was put on the part in an attempt to identify the driver/owner which proved successful. The vehicle and the driver were identified intially stating that they had hit a static object. Confronted with the evidence a full and frank admission was made. That person was subsequently reported. I believe PC Payne demonstrated excellent police skills not only in identifying the offender but helping the victim claim for repairs through insurances without any unnesecary expense to him, a total victim satisfaction achieved and an investigation which has given me some fantastic pointers for future referrence. PC Payne detected a crime from a small printed number on a piece of plastic. Victim satisfaction unmeasurable.
Date of Nomination: 11:48:32 31/01/13
26817. PC 1452 Alan Thompson
Myself and the rest of the team would like to nominate Alan for his commitment and dedication in addressing a convoluted and complex neighbourhood dispute involving a number of households. This is an ongoing situation that has placed a significant demand on police resources. Given the almost daily calls made to the organisation from each household involved. Alan has taken a primary role at tackling this issue, obtaining a number of key statements and engaging with partner agencies. His dedication and drive supports the force vision of protecting neighbourhoods and solving problems. He is a role model to the rest of the team, hence the nomination.
Date of Nomination: 11:39:00 31/01/13
26440. Ms Dianne Patterson
Dianne works as a mentor in the Intergrated offender management unit at Darlington. As part of the team Dianne takes an active role in working with offenders. She always makes a positive contribution and is willing to go that extra mile. She often works beyond her working hours in order to get the job done. Her willingness and hard working approach are clear to see and allow officers within the unit to focus on other areas of work. She always work with an open mind/positive attitude which allows her to form strong rapports/relationships with clients who are generally hard to reach and builds trust. In recent months Dianne has made such an impact on one client who was a prolific offender, that he has been through recovery and is now a volunteer mentor for recovering addicts in the Peterlee area. Dianne is currently mentoring another client who has a number of medical issues but fails to manage the illness correctly possibly through choice. Although he has support workers Dianne has taken it upon herself to research the illness and is fully aware of what he needs to do to remain stable. She has also become a point of contact with the support workers who contact her on a regular basis for advice regarding the illness (diabetes). In conclusion I feel that Dianne makes a positive contribution every day to the goals of Durham Constabulary and the rehabilitation of offenders. Dianne would fully deserve a WOW award.
Date of Nomination: 11:13:53 25/01/13
28055. PC 832 Michael Donnelly
Acting as the Sergeant for PC Donnelly, I was requested by comms to contact the IP, Mr Dolan, following an incident on 7th November 2012. During the conversation, the IP reflected upon an incident where Mick Donnelly had dealt with a highly intoxicated gentleman who had caused himself an injury having left a wine bar. Mr Dolan felt it necessary to contact police upon his return home, having observed and interacted personally with Mick over a period of approximately 20 minutes whilst Ambulance crew were travelling. Mr Dolan described Mick as “fantastic” and a “credit to the police”, by the virtue of his professionalism and manner, under what Mr Dolan describes as quite a pressurised situation fuelled by intoxicated associates of the injured gentleman. Mr Dolan is an elderly gentleman, an ex-special constable 50yrs since, and wanted Mick to be recognised formally for his actions. Mr Dolan was not in a position personally to use the internet to nominate PC Donnelly, therefore i have submitted this on his behalf. I confirm that the above is a true account of what Mr Dolan has provided.
Date of Nomination: 13:20:55 29/11/12
27023. PCSO 7045 David Parker
on 17/10/12 PCSO Parker was leaving the front office at Durham and saw an elderly male sat in the office who seemed confused. He discovered that the man had bought some trousers and decided to leave the shop in them, leaving his old trousers with his house keys in them at the shop which had then closed for the night. PCSO Parker asked me to take him to the mans address to help him to gain access to his property. On arrival at the address, it became very apparent that we would not be able to gain entry. I called a local locksmith who said he would be 30 mins. The man, who was very unsteady on his feet and was using a stick to walk, had to be helped in and out of the police van several times and we kept him in the van to keep warm on the chilly evening. The way that PCSO Parker spoke to the man who appeared to have some dementia issues was above and beyond his duty. He was very patient and caring and understanding and we were with him for over 2 hours. Once entry was gained to the house, the man kept PCSO Parker busy with his stories from his younger days as a Doctor at the university and PCSO Parker was very considerate and patient. The following day, PCSO Parker attended the shop where the male had bought his trousers from and collected his old ones and took them to his home address. Unfortunately due to his dementia, the elderly gentleman had no recollection of the event and did not recognise PCSO Parker. I would like to say that PCSO Parkers actions left me with a WOW feeling and I was very impressed and proud of how he had treated the man. This is the first nomination I have made for the WOW awards and I think this goes to show how impressed I was.
Date of Nomination: 13:13:52 29/11/12
27766. Mrs Gill de Koster
An elderly lady fell over at the side of the road breaking her glasses, injuring her knee, and cutting her face. Gill stopped her car, assisted the lady and put her in her vehicle. She then drove her to a safer place and waited until the ambulance arrived. Throughout the incident Gill was caring and reassuring which helped keep the lady calm. Although a number of people were present Gill was the only one who acted upon what had happened.
Date of Nomination: 12:22:57 29/11/12
27933. PC 2400 Michael Renshaw
On 2/11/12 PC Renshaw attended an immediate response incident after a disturbance was reported on a service bus involving a number of people fighting. Upon his arrival the assailants dispersed and PC Renshaw took control of the scene and coordinated a search of the area in an attempt to locate the suspect. PC Renshaw spoke to numerous IPs and witnesses on the bus taking details of those involved. The assault had been totally unprovoked after passengers chastised the suspects for using offensive language. PC Renshaw then ensured that he provided care and empathy to those who were injured before obtaining multiple witness statements over several days. PC Renshaw travelled outside the hub to Hunwick to ensure that all the key statements were obtained, going the extra mile and taking care to produce a first class package ready for the arrest of the suspects. Feedback from one of the IPs was highly complimentary with regards to PC Renshaws calm attitude in dealing with the incident and the care given to himself and the others involved. NPT officers also evidenced the first class quality of the handover package which was complete and resulted in the suspects being charged with the offences at the first opportunity. A fist class piece of compassionate police work putting the victims at the fore front of the investigation.
Date of Nomination: 12:16:47 29/11/12
24407. Mrs Jacqueline Coates
Jackies role is to support victims of sexual and domestic violence through the criminal justice process, encouraging them to remain engaged, as well as ensuring they have access to follow-on services where required. Jackie is currently dealing with one particularly vulnerable young woman who has struggled more than most in coming to terms with her circumstances. Jackie has supported this lady by referring her into appropriate therapeutic services, as she does with all her victims, but I feel she has gone the extra mile on this occasion as she gave advice, signposted, and supported the lady in accessing hospital treatment in relation to a pregnancy which resulted from the offence. Not only did Jackie accompany the victim to her appointments, she also stayed with her in the hospital on the day of the termination, which in my opinion, is worthy of this nomination.
Date of Nomination: 11:31:37 29/08/12
23889. PC 2615 Tanya Martin
Tanya attended a suicide on 20th May 2012 in Bishop Auckland where a husband/father hanged himself in the family home. The male was found by his wife and children. This was quite understandably a very difficult time for the family and Tanya has gone above and beyond her role putting the family in touch with bereavement councillors from the If U Care Share Foundation. She has also carried out several follow up visits and the family have been to see her since to pass on their thanks and to seek further advice. On top of this Tanya, realising the shortfall in advice available to officers dealing with similar situations has arranged for a number of leaflets to be available for officers and has placed several in prominent positions around the station as well as emailing officers electronic versions where available.There is no doubting that Tanya has gone beyond her role on this occassion and has made a significant contribution to the family at an incredibly distressing time. She has left the family with an extremely positive view of Durham Constabulary.
Date of Nomination: 09:12:21 17/07/12
23196. Mr David Patterson
I wish to nominate David Patterson in Media Processing for his continual helpfulness and professionalism in his production of CCTV evidence for the Major Crime Team. David always accepts work, even at very short notice, and does his best to return the media product in very short timescales. His presentation of evidence is of a very high standard, presenting CCTV in a user-friendly format, but always delivering the evidence in a professional manner, promoting the reputation of Durham Constabulary. During the past year, David has produced excellent work in some high profile cases. During Operation Gulfportcity David produced CCTV showing a sequence of events which involved showing the movements of victim and suspect simultaneously on a split screen. This evidence directly led to a guilty plea to Manslaughter, and received the highest praise from the prosecution barrister for the presentation. During a more recent case, Operation Salvador, David devoted approx 15 hours work over 3 days to prepare a compilation DVD of several sources of CCTV which, when put together, formed a visual sequence of events which became the backbone of evidence. This CCTV assisted to explain the events over a period of 5 days, corroborating other evidence including ANPR, telephone cell site analysis, forensic evidence, house to house and suspects’ movements around the country. This evidence has been applauded by CPS. It is also to be used as an example of good practice by the training department for the Operations SIO course to demonstrate how several strands of policing can be brought together and combined in a format suitable for presentation purposes.
Date of Nomination: 09:02:35 17/07/12
23122. Sgt 1149 Paul Scott
Paul is an excellent communicator dealing with people who come into custody in the most appropriate and humane manner. Two examples from the past seven days. 1-female arrested for assault, suffering from cancer,was crying on arrival in custody. Paul used humour and empathy to calm the lady down and even got her to laugh as a result of the way he spoke to her. He made her situation far more manageable by the way he made her feel and how she was treated. 2-we inherited a female in the cells who clearly had mental health and alcohol related issues having threatened officers with a knife. Paul treated her properly throughout her time in custody as she was in right across a weekend. The lady took the time to find out when Paul was back on duty and rang to thank him for the way he had treated her despite what she had done...I think that is truly amazing and great evidence of respect for race and diversity at the highest level.
Date of Nomination: 08:58:20 17/07/12
21248. PC 110 Gary Barnes and PC 2202 Joanne Craig
PCs 110 Gary Barnes and 2202 Joanne Craig attended the sudden and unexpected death of a man on 29th March 2012. While dealing with the incident in a professional and calm manner the two officers also offered invaluable assistance in the recovery of a car owned by the deceased and advice to the family regarding personal possessions and his estate. Further more the officers went on to clean the area where the deceased had been lying after undertakers had left. These circumstances have been relayed to me by a family member. Their actions have definitely hepled the family in their grieving and gone on to support the family in the what next stage. They have gone beyond what could reasonably be expected and the Maclean family believe the service by the police was exceptional. This is a large family who is well connected throughout Horden and service such as this can only go on to improve confidence in the police and satisfaction with contact. Well done
Date of Nomination: 15:24:44 29/05/12
20697. PCSO 7437 Trevor Patterson
On 14th March 2012 Pcso 7437 Patterson was on full uniformed duty conducting foot patrol when he was confronted with a difficult and concerning incident. A female collapsed in front of him and sustained superficial injuries to her face. Trevor picked her up and escorted her home and arranged for the injuries to be treated by a paramedic. Whilst at the premises Trevor became aware that her husband was in the late stages of Huntingdon’s disease and through effective communication identified that she was his sole carer. Trevor also discovered that she had been struggling to cope with the stresses of her situation and had been self medicating by means of excessive alcohol consumption. Trevor also identified that she was not taking appropriate care of herself by not eating regular meals as she was extremely under weight. Whilst paramedics were treating her, it was identified that her blood sugar was low and she was recommended to have something to eat. Trevor then took it upon himself to leave the address and purchase a Mars bar for her to eat which she really appreciated. Realising that further support was needed, he liaised with the local doctors via the paramedic to activate a community care plan which involved respite care and overnight occasional stays for her husband at a nearby hospital. Trevor also then submitted all necessary concern forms to update social services of the circumstances. Trevor still regularly makes impromptu visits to the address to check on the lady which I know she appreciates and it is refreshing to see someone care about persons in difficulty in their dedicated beat area and going the extra mile to help. Actions like this also go along way in raising the profile of Durham Constabulary and increasing public satisfaction and confidence. I personally believe that this excellent work should be recognised by means of a wow award.
Date of Nomination: 16:46:23 18/04/12
19392. PC 2071 Jason POOL
PC POOL recently attended the scene of a serious road traffic collision whereby a young girl playing in the street had run into the side of a car and sustained a broken leg (tibia and fibula).At the scene PC POOL acted in a calm and reassured manner, giving all relevant advice and support not only to the young child but also to her parents.In the following days PC POOL took the time to attend Sunderland Hospital, on rest days, to visit the child taking in a gift and card.This has left an absolutely fantastic impression on all people involved in this young girls life, as it is obvious that PC POOL has gone far beyond what could be expected as part of his duties.
Date of Nomination: 09:10:39 17/02/12
16747. Mr Richard Davies
I wish to nominate several staff members of IT because of the phenomanel customer service I have experienced from them in recent months and which continues to give me the WOW factor. In relation to Richard, he has been instrumental in assisting with the laptop requirements I have needed in recent months, giving advice and recommendations which have benefit the business area for which I am responsible. More recently he has assisted me with the Metal Theft team requirements and once again I have experienced fantastic customer service from him/the dept. Thank you.
Date of Nomination: 12:29:40 16/11/11
16746. Mrs Joanne Nicholson
I wish to nominate several staff members of IT because of the phenomanel customer service I have experienced from them in recent months and which continues to give me the WOW factor. In relation to Joanne, she has been instrumental in assisting with the CJU/WCU centralisation moves. Without her expertise/advice and recommendations the moves simply would not have been as effective. She has a wonderful professional persona and it is a pleasure to work with her. More recently she has assisted me with the Metal Theft team requirements and once again I have experienced fantastic customer service from her/the dept. Thank you.
Date of Nomination: 12:28:23 16/11/11
16745. Mr Ian Dawson
I wish to nominate several staff members of IT because of the phenomanel customer service I have experienced from them in recent months and which continues to give me the WOW factor. In relation to Ian he has been instrumental in assisting with CJU/WCU centralisation and without his assistance the moves would simply not have gone as well as they did. He worked with me and provided necessary support and completed the tasks within the deadlines. More recently he has assisted me with the Metal Theft team requirements and once again I have experienced fantastic customer service from him/the dept. Thank you.
Date of Nomination: 12:25:43 16/11/11
16321. SC 3640 Robert Richardson
I nominate Rob Richardson because of the committment he has demonstrated to C relief at Durham. Rob has given many hours of duty to the shift and has become an extension of our team. Recently since leaving university he has worked with the team and has been working full time hours. His committment is worthy of recognition and praise and he would be a worthy recipient of this wow award. Rob is very highly regarded by his full time colleagues,
Date of Nomination: 12:17:17 16/11/11
15275. Mr Malcolm Cowen/ Mr Ian Parks
Whilst the work of many has been acknowledged throughout the restructure of Durham Constabulary the hard work of the Origin Team has had little recognition. Not only have Ian and Malcolm facilitated the process through timely restructure within the HR system, they have proactively assisted in the creation of reporting mechanisms to assist with management of optimum staffing numbers through the revised NIM Resource Mobility process. There is no doubt that this will facilitate effective resource management within the Altogether Forward model. They continue to drive forward change and are taking a lead in the development of revised processes for the alignment of the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit. Regardless of the demand of the day job both always find the time to assist. To summarise; this nomination for a WOW awards is for their innovation, creativity, commitment and dedication to the continuing development of Durham Constabulary.
Date of Nomination: 10:50:33 24/08/11
14163. PCSO 6624 Ben Kinnair
I would like to nominate Ben for his work in my local community. I had suffered problems with nuisance neighbours and off road bikes driving dangerously near people and horses. Ben contacted me almost immediately to get the full details and issued a warning notice to those involved. He has since kept in contact to make sure there was no more issues in the neighbourhood. I was pleased at both the quick response, time and effort Ben has put in.
Date of Nomination: 15:19:35 17/06/11
13251. Mr Joseph Hutchinson
I am routinely in receipt of positive feedback from people in relation to many aspects of Joes work. A lot of this comes from members of visiting forces who use Joe as a first point of contact if they have any issues. This week members of Cumbria Constabulary have praised Joe for his assistance in helping their course run smoothly. This has taken the form of him preparing their areas of work and making petrol bombs. This type of praise is routine and has been echoed by the Sgt in charge of Cleveland Polices Public Order Training. To sum Joes positive attitude up (with both members of the constabulary and external members) I recently heard him being referred to as the most happy and positive member of Durham Constabulary.
Date of Nomination: 16:14:08 30/03/11
13186. Miss Sarah Roffey
Id like to nominate Sarah Roffey for her excellent work in setting up and managing the Service Bureau at Police HQ Durham. She was asked at very short notice to work with Laura Purves from the same Branch and Rachel Forster from the Business Change Branch and set up a Victim Service Bureau to provide members of HQ based police staff with an opportunity to work directly with victims of crime and learn more about their needs. Sarah brought all of her knowldege and understanding of the issues into play and very quickly set up a room, organised the staff moves to make the space, worked with Laura and Rachel to design and test processes and then trained the people. Despite already heavy work loads, within the space of two weeks from the moment that the job was allocated members of staff were making contact directly to victims of crime. The learning from the Service Bureau work has been immense and the idea is now being taken forward into operational centres working with volunteers. Sarahs work has been acknowledged by the Chief Officer Team who have visited the service bureau. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura Purves for this WOW award together with Laura Purves and Rachel Forster.
Date of Nomination: 16:09:24 30/03/11
13185. Miss Laura Purves
Id like to nominate Laura Purves for her excellent work in setting up and managing the Service Bureau at Police HQ Durham. She was asked at very short notice to work with the Sarah Roffey and Rachel Forster from the Business Change Branch and set up a Victim Service Bureau to provide members of HQ based police staff with an opportunity to work directly with victims of crime and learn more about their needs. Laura works on surveys to assess levels of public confidence and victim satisfaction with policing services. She brought all of the knowldege into play and very quickly set up a room, organised the staff moves to make the space, worked with Rachel and Sarah to design and test processes and then trained the people. Despite already heavy work loads, within the space of two weeks from the moment that the job was allocated members of staff were making contact directly to victims of crime. The learning from the Service Bureau work has been immense and the idea is now being taken forward into operational centres working with volunteers. Lauras work has been acknowledged by the Chief Officer Team who have visited the service bureau. I have no hesitation in recommending Laura Purves for this WOW award together with Sarah Roffey and Rachel Forster.
Date of Nomination: 16:08:14 30/03/11
13184. Mrs Rachel Forster
Id like to nominate Rachel Forster for her excellent work in setting up and managing the Service Bureau at Police HQ Durham. Rachel is working on projects to do with volunteering and victim satisfaction as part of her job. She was asked at very short notice to work with the Laura Purves and Sarah Roffey from the Performance Branch and set up a Victim Service Bureau to provide members of HQ based police staff with an opportunity to work directly with victims of crime and learn more about their needs. Rachel had previously worked for the AA and has considerable experience in designing and managing processes, in addition to training members of staff in contacting members of the public by telephone. She brought all of the experience into play and very quickly set up a room, organised the staff moves to make the space, worked with Rachel and Sarah to design and test processes and then trained the people. Within the space of two weeks from the moment that the job was allocated members of staff were making contact directly to victims of crime. The WOW factor here is; before she took on this work Rachel was already working to capacity, this new work took a considerable amount of effort which, and despite additional pressures in her private life, Rachel did with high levels of enthusiasm, energy and professionalism. The learning from the Service Bureau work has been immense and Rachel is now taking it forward by helping to set up similar Bureaux in operational centres with volunteers. Her work has been acknowledged by the Chief Officer Team who have visited the service bureau. I have no hesitation in recommending Rachel Forster for this WOW award together with Sarah Roffey and Laura Purves.
Date of Nomination: 16:06:47 30/03/11
13101. victoria clark
On 7th August 2010 i was on duty in company with PC Clark when i was injured. PC Clark stayed with me and looked after me, she ensured i received medical treatment and offered support and reassurance throughout. PC Clark has maintained regular contact with me throughout my extended sickness/recovery period. She has regularly visited me at home, taken me shopping and to hospital appointments. This has all been in her own time and at her own expense. She has kept me updated with work information including the investigation process despite not being the OIC. She has been a great support to me. I would now consider her to be a friend rather than just a colleague. Her continued support and reassurance has truly made me say "WOW". I believe she deserves some recognition for the help and support she has given me.
Date of Nomination: 14:48:28 30/03/11
Date of Nomination: 14:05:35 30/03/11
13114. Phillip Marshall
I would like to nominate PC 1872 Bustin for his work with young people around County Durham as part of the EDDY project, he is always delivering to a high standard and giving 100% in everything he does, he is a real credit as the Youth Issues Officer for Durham Constabulary.He has been instrumental in facilitating a group of young people from Bishop Barrington School to deliver a presentation around descriptions and registration plates, it’s fair to say that this message will help keep young people safe and make them aware on how to report an incident. He was also a real benefit in helping to produce a DVD around “Legal highs” which included a lesson plan to make young people aware of this through secondary education.I cannot praise his enthusiasm, dedication and determination enough, he is a pleasure to work alongside. I hope that Andy receives some high recognition for his continued work, he thoroughly deserves it!
Date of Nomination: 16:22:13 24/03/11
12668. Louise Armstrong
Louise Armstrong is employed as a Police Community Support Officer in Durham Constabulary for the West Cornforth and Bishop Middleham area. Within this role she is extremely focussed in making the quality of life of these residents her priority. She is extremely motivated and enthusiastic in doing this. West Cornforth has a total population of 2500 with a high unemployment rate. Following an increase in Anti Social Behaviour around West Cornforth which mainly occurred on a Friday and Saturday evening, Louise got together with her local youth workers to discuss the local initiatives running at that time. They identified the closest cinema to West Cornforth is Darlington or Teesside Park, which a lot of parents living in the village are unable to access; West Cornforth has no train service and families without transport will have to rely on the bus service. The officer discussed the idea of a film club with the youth workers and got the drop in centre on board. This has taken off in the village and they now have film nights for the older community as well as the young. They have also organised themed nights with food and drinks. This has been made possible by the dedication and hard work of this officer as well as the help of funding from parish councils and local government. Due to the success of film club she has now set this up in Bishop Middleham, working along side local parish councillors, again securing funding. They show up to date films through an online company and have also targeted the older community and have recently had a ‘Girls night’ which proved very successful with 40 members of the community attending. Incidents of anti social behaviour have decreased dramatically over recent months which I personally feel has a direct link to the good work mentioned above. As Louise’s supervisor I have put this nomination forward to highlight the good work she continues to display in her role as a beat officer. Sgt 0944 McTaggart Ferryhill Beat
Date of Nomination: 15:51:52 07/03/11
12633. PC 147 PAUL CANVIN
PC Canvin attended a concern for safety job in respect of an elderley lady from, HOWDEN LE WEAR. Her husband was terminally ill and she felt she had no support network. PC Canvin attended and spent a long time with the lady, reassuring her and listening to her worries. PC Canvin really went beyond what would be professionally expected of him, and was determined to help. He insisted that he was called by his christian name rather than PC Canvin, and he gave the lady his contact details and said he would always make himself available to her. He submitted a vulnerable adult form onto the force systems, and spoke with the ladys family friends and hairdresser to make them aware of how low she was feeling. The following day, her husband passed away, and the first person she wanted to call for help and support was PC Canvin. I witnessed him speaking to the lady on the telephone at length, and his communication skills and reassurance were outstanding. I was extremely impressed, and can only hope that if any of my family members were to find themselves in a similar position, they could find somebody like PC Canvin to help them. Since the original call from the lady, he has revisited her in person twice and spoken to her on the telephone numerous times, he even went to the lengths of helping with funeral arrangements, liaising on her behalf with the funeral directors to help plan the hearse route, and also speaking with local residents to ensure that parked cars outside the ladys house did not block where the hearse would pick her up from. PC Canvin also enlisted the help of PCSOs TURNER and FIRBY who also spoke with the residents. All in all, I am firmly of the opinion that his excellent communication skills and caring nature have combined to provide an outstanding level of customer service to a very vulnerable member of our local community, and he should be commended for his actions. APS 2092 Simon HOGG
Date of Nomination: 15:03:20 03/03/11
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