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36026. Jhonell Labadia - INTERNAL
Deputy Team Leader - Theatres Ashford
Jhonell is always smiling at patients and staff in his daily work in Theatres at Ashford.Jhonell is full of energy and enthusiasm within his role in Theatres and deserves recognition for his leadership skills and the efforts he puts in every day in Theatres demonstrating a great ability to put patients first .A real team player.
Date: 13:17:58 06/08/13
Ollegario is the most amazing helpfull porter that i ever meet he is so friendly with everyone and very hard working he is the one that always goes the extra mile to please all arround just indescribable how helpfull this man is.
Date: 10:12:56 06/08/13
37206. Mr Hagan
Consultant - Eye clinic
A very expert and thorough consultation conducted with great ease, kindness and understanding on 30th July 2013. I was in a wheel chair with a lack of mobility but Mr Hagan helped my daughter with positioning and nothing was too much trouble . It was great effort for me to attend but I was very worthwhile . Wow !
Date: 10:05:12 06/08/13
36990. Dulce Sartillo
Staff Nurse - Birch Ward
Very good at the job she does, and does everything quickly and efficiently ensuring she has given patients the best care they can recieve. A great teacher too, no job is too big!
Date: 09:48:48 06/08/13
35707. Kirstie Addison
Midwife - Maternity
From the moment I met Kirstie, I knew I was in capable hands.She was competent, and professional, and at the same time, friendly warm, and immediately put me at ease.There was certainly a sense that everyone in the department was busy, but she never let on that she was, and took to writing her notes whilst sat on the ward and chatting to us ladies.She inserted my Propess on admission and 21 hours later my labour started, it progressed incredibly quickly, and Kirstie handled this so well, whilst I was in a lot of pain, at no point did I panic, and feel that I was not going to be ok.I am so thrilled that she was able to deliver my baby, and I couldnt have been happier with the whole process.She is a true inspiration to the team and her trainee midwife, as well as for me, and I am sure for every patient she cares for.
Date: 09:47:47 06/08/13
32711. Kirstie Addison
Midwife - Maternity
I came in with my husband to a labour ward on 30th of march thinking that I went into early labour. I felt frightened and anxious. Luckily I was under care of Kirstie Addison! With her great interpersonal skills and a fantastic sense of humor she made me feel at ease in no time. She reassured me and calmed me down. She is a great asset to the labour ward! Thank you, Kirstie!!
Date: 09:47:47 06/08/13
35582. Kirstie addison
Midwife - Maternity
Wow-Wow-Wow I can say about this lovely and experienced midwife I met during my stay at St Peters Hospital for my baby delivery. She knows very well the job and any questions you would ask her she will know the answer. Very sociable and friendly, exactly what we need as mum-to-be when we are in hospital as we are going through a important life event and expierence. St Peters and Ashford hospital needs more midwifes like her.I would strictly recomend her as a midwife and if I would go for a second baby, I would like her to be my midwife and to delivery my baby. She made my life much easier and happy through my hospital stay. Many thanks Kirstie , You are the best !!!!! I would call her "queen of propess" , hope she doesnt mind. She knows to do it properly. I had my propess first inserted by other midwife and wasnt in the right place and even very painful. Second time Kirstie done it and I could feel experienced hands and she does care about us (mums-to-be). Many Many Many Thanks again Kirstie Addison
Date: 09:47:47 06/08/13
37160. Sue Harris - INTERNAL
Sue Harris lead her team well. She deals with all the clinical problems professionally and very helpful at all times.She is respected by her colleagues and all other teams.
Date: 15:28:02 01/08/13
37249. Estates Maintainance Team at ASH SPH - INTERNAL
Maintainance Team - Estates
I would like to thank the maintences teams across site that always do such a great job in helping the nursery staff to maintain not only the environment in which the children play but also the equipment they play with. the teams always come up trumps for us. The nursery staff are unanimous in their thanks to all the guys not forgetting Caroline
Date: 11:31:12 01/08/13
36165. Louise Emmett, Jane Sinclair, Lucy Evans, Sharon Astbury, Lisa Williams, Emma Remnant, Kath Miles, Katie Woolgar, Laura Carr - INTERNAL
I would like to acknowledge all the hard work of this team but in particular in all the work which they have done to promote normal birth. With their commitment we will continue to improve the support and care for women in labour. Well Done, you are all so appreciated !
Date: 10:51:48 01/08/13
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