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32749. Elizabeth Gondwe - INTERNAL
Band 6 Midwife - Maternity
As a department we have had a very real problem in covering the labour ward co-ordinator shifts. This is due to a high vacancy, unplanned long term sickness and despite a heavy recruitment campaign lack of experience in candidates applying for the post. We have had a serious shortage of suitable experienced clinicians coming forward for the last 5 months. This is a busy maternity unit with high risk cases and a large amount of in utero transfers. It requires a very special type of person to field the many conflicting demands and priorities a team leader a faces. Running a shift well enough to provide a safe service to our women and support the large amount of junior midwives who joined us in November is a very demanding role and requires confidence, expertise and strong leadership. Liz has stepped up from her Band 6 role and contributed her skills to help out when we have faced this problem. She has provided unswerving dedication and support to the Band 7 team and has stepped up to co-ordinate shifts, sometimes with last minute notice. The reports I have received back about her performance are glowing and I would like to recommend her for a WOW award due to her taking a high level of personal responsibility in ensuring that we put the people first and provide a safe maternity service. She has demonstrated a strong commitment to excellent practice and I take pride in the fact that she has been an invaluable member of our team and would like to thank her for her hard work.
Date: 13:44:46 31/07/13
32432. Dr.Allan Irvine
Consultant radiologists - Radiology
Dr. Irvine indeed had gone the extra mile to ensure my biopsy was done and results expedited so that the results could be reviewed at the next urology MDT in time to see the Oncologist for treatment. This selfless act indeed has restored my faith in the NHS. I hope there are more like him in this Trust. He has also spent his out of hours time to review my staging CT and inform me and my wife that my recurrence is local and had no mets elsewhere. Words could not describe how grateful we are to him for his extraodinary act of kindness and empathy. Thank you.
Date: 13:09:05 31/07/13
36195. Steve Morris - INTERNAL
Xray A+E - Xray A+E
I had to bring my mother into A+E and Steve was amazing, he was at the end of his shift and,he not only made a special effort to speak with me but then took his time to talk me through the xrays my mother had to have.I then witnessed him with his coat on ready to leave walk round to each member of staff he had worked with that day and he said Thank you to every single one. I just wanted to say Thank you to Steve.
Date: 11:41:49 31/07/13
36989. Dawn Reeves Turner
Ward Manager - Birch Ward
Always puts more then 100% into what she does and the ward to make it a joyful ward to work on and making sure patients get the best patient care they should have. Always happy and has a smile on her face and no job is too little.
Date: 11:29:27 31/07/13
36930. Maternity Unit (ANC, JBW LABOUR WARDS
My Wife was rushed into hospital at 16 weeks with heavy bleeding. We both thought wed lost the baby but as soon as we arrived at the unit we where taken to a room and had our minds put to rest. the midwifes and doctors were AMAZING !!!!!!! My wife had to stay in hospital for 3 days and all the time we were treated with respect and even though at times you saw them running around they always had a smile and happy to explain what was happening.Everything was fine and the baby is growing strong all the time. Thank you it ment alot to us
Date: 15:23:05 30/07/13
36911. Kathryn Kennard
Estaets engineer - estates
Has been extremelly supportive towards the needs of children on peadiatric wards and willing to help and coming up with great ideas and solutions. Works very well in a team with Andrew
Date: 15:17:43 30/07/13
33865. Celia Low - INTERNAL
Sister NICU - Paediatrics
One of best Sisters that I ever worked with. She is intelligent, competent, accountable, flexible, self disciplined,enthusiastic, motivated, honest, caring, well prepared and willing to learn to provide the best care available for her patients.
Date: 15:17:43 30/07/13
28935. Jesal Patel - INTERNAL
Clinical Specialist Team Leader SPH - Physiotherapy
JP has been an absolute pillar in the physiotherapy department. He has been in the Trust for many years and is showing his true potential in acting up as a Clinical Specialist Team Leader since September. He is reliable, dependable and continually going the extra mile to put the department before himself. He remains calm and sensitive to all staff and it is staff such as him who have become the backbone of an increasingly successful and productive department in a time of immense change and challenge. My job would not have been possible, productive or successful without his complete support and hard work. I cannot thank him enough for the hard work and passion. Please please continue and dont give up when I leave.
Date: 14:34:08 30/07/13
34282. Day Surgery Team
All Staff - Day Surgery Unit Ashford Hospital
I was a patient on the day surgery unit Ashford Hospital on Friday 26th April 2013. I experienced an excellent standard of patient centred care and the staff showed compassion and understanding and sensitive to the needs of the patient. "Nothing was too much trouble". All staff an asset to the N.H.S.
Date: 14:34:08 30/07/13
36243. Lorraine Dawber - INTERNAL
Secretary - Children Services
I was unable to get hold of a gastroenterologist secretary, no answer and no facility to leave answer phone message.I did not know where the secretaries are based in SPH.I bumped into Lorraine who very kindly obtained a telephone number for me to which somebody answered, she found the location of the consultants secretary i needed to see and took me there. Whilst waiting to speak to Lorraine i observed how efficient she is in her role also. Lorraine could have just given me a telephone number yet she went above and beyond her duty and helped me so much to which i was extremely grateful. She certainly deserves a WOW award. Thank You.
Date: 12:02:59 30/07/13
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