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Recent Nominations

We are grateful to everyone who has made a nomination so far. Please feel free to view some of our recent nominations below.

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28935. Jesal Patel - INTERNAL
Clinical Specialist Team Leader SPH - Physiotherapy
JP has been an absolute pillar in the physiotherapy department. He has been in the Trust for many years and is showing his true potential in acting up as a Clinical Specialist Team Leader since September. He is reliable, dependable and continually going the extra mile to put the department before himself. He remains calm and sensitive to all staff and it is staff such as him who have become the backbone of an increasingly successful and productive department in a time of immense change and challenge. My job would not have been possible, productive or successful without his complete support and hard work. I cannot thank him enough for the hard work and passion. Please please continue and dont give up when I leave.
Date: 14:34:08 30/07/13
34282. Day Surgery Team
All Staff - Day Surgery Unit Ashford Hospital
I was a patient on the day surgery unit Ashford Hospital on Friday 26th April 2013. I experienced an excellent standard of patient centred care and the staff showed compassion and understanding and sensitive to the needs of the patient. "Nothing was too much trouble". All staff an asset to the N.H.S.
Date: 14:34:08 30/07/13
36243. Lorraine Dawber - INTERNAL
Secretary - Children Services
I was unable to get hold of a gastroenterologist secretary, no answer and no facility to leave answer phone message.I did not know where the secretaries are based in SPH.I bumped into Lorraine who very kindly obtained a telephone number for me to which somebody answered, she found the location of the consultants secretary i needed to see and took me there. Whilst waiting to speak to Lorraine i observed how efficient she is in her role also. Lorraine could have just given me a telephone number yet she went above and beyond her duty and helped me so much to which i was extremely grateful. She certainly deserves a WOW award. Thank You.
Date: 12:02:59 30/07/13
34173. Neonatal team - INTERNAL
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
I would like to nominate the Neonatal nursing team in the continued hard work that has been put into the Neonatal Assessment Process (NAP)document. Individual staff members have dedicated a lot of their own time in developing the assessments that make up the NAP. Well done team.
Date: 09:47:04 30/07/13
33959. Jessal Patel (JP!)
Physiotherapist - Physiotherapy
Excellent service, good advice. Knows his job.
Date: 09:47:04 30/07/13
36465. Laura Way - INTERNAL
OT Associate practitioner - Occupational Therapy
I feel Laura should be recognised for her can do and supportive attitude that embodies the trust principles. Laura is an invaluable asset to the team, she consistantly goes out of her way to support the team and ensure that patients have the best experience possible. She brings her sense of humour to job which brightens the work place.
Date: 09:45:30 30/07/13
33960. Jesal Patel (JP)
Physiotherapist - Physiotherapy
He has not "left me in the dark" like some consultants, but he has told me about my back and I now understand more about how I feel. He is jolly king and knows about his job. He should win an award.
Date: 09:45:30 30/07/13
33961. Jesal Patel (JP)
Physiotherapist - Physiotherapy
Met JP for the first time today. He is awesome! He really took the time to understand my sons condition and took a real interest. He offered fantastic advice and I look forward to seeing my sons progress with his help. Definitely an asset to your team!
Date: 09:45:30 30/07/13
33962. Issy
Physiotherapist at St Peters - Physiotherapy
Issy is always cheerful and smiling. My daughter was in real pain one particular time and the care and concern Issy showed was over and above the call of duty - nothing is too much trouble. On that day, Bethany came in in lots of pain and distress and left relaxed, relieved and confident. We knew what to do to relieve the pain, but on every occasion we receive a first class, helpful service with a friendly, reassuring smile. Thank you!
Date: 09:45:30 30/07/13
33963. Isabel Lane
Paediatric Physiotherapist - Physiotherapy
We first met "Issy the Physy" (as we fondly call her!) on the ward directly after my sons ACL reconstruction op. From that first interaction, her professionalism and expertise combined witha fantastic rapport with my son, have contributed greatly to his enthusiasm for and engagement with the physio recovery process. She is always encouraging whilst setting realistic goals, she is approachable, sensitive and inspires confidence in myself as a parent. Also, whether hand-based or hydro appointments, Isabelle has ensured that Daniels concerns have been heard and that he has tapped into reserves of determination that hes needed to cope.
Date: 09:45:30 30/07/13
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